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what fear is to me
me what is my greats fears in my life. my greats fears are rejectiim wiitng this because some asked on, no takeing care of my wife and family to the fullest, and dieing.

im so afraid of being rejected. it because i want evrybody to like and if they dont then i think i must do something or have something to make them like me. i dont know why becaue every were i go people like me even know im very shy around new poeple. getting rejected by someone good god it kills me because the way of america is so perfect. and i try to mold my self with alittle it of everthing going good with the industy.

not being able to provide for my wife and family is something that has just come about. because of leaving the army soon and and having to find a job. that can make us alot of money so we dont have to worry about live from pay check to pay check like mine and her family did when they started out. and when we have kids i want the best for them and to be the best and have life one step better than i did growing up. because this world i going to a place that wont last long the way we are going. so i want to live while i can.

death is something that started when i came to iraq the first time. when ur sitting in a bunker with mortar hitting all around not know if ur going to live or die. also when u see the face of the three people that you have killed when u sleep adn u know u did whats rigth to save ur self . but u can help think what if it was me. but i guess my prayes are answered every night when i ask god to let my wife know love her and keep her and her family my famil save til i come home and take care of them
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