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Rated: E · Novel · Comedy · #1090006
The Date finally Arrives
The story continues.

Jane and Tom leave out the door and start walking on the sidewalk. Gotta think of conversation was the only thing that was going inside Tom's head. He didn't want to start the date off wrong so he said " Which movie do you want to see?" said Tom. "What's showing?" said Jane. The question just looped right back to him so he had to think of something else that would keep it going. "We could see a monster movie or a," suddenly Tom stopped and noticed that his friends where walking down the street, now this would be a bad thing because they would reveal his true side. "I think we should walk on the other side of the street" Said Tom."Why" said Jane looking confused. He started to sweat and that was bad because his deodorant started to wear off and so did the cologne. Just before he knew it, they where right by him."Hey, isn't that Tommy?" said one of his friends. Tom thought they wouldn't notice him but one again he was wrong. Tom started to walk faster and grabbed Jane's hand. "Why are we walking so fast?" Said Jane. "ummmmmmm..we are late for the movie, that was all he needed to get away from his friends. The walk seems like it was endless because he didn't have a car, it was quiet. The clouds were in the sky barely, barely any streetlights out on the road. Just silence and air, no birds or anything to disturb the silence. They finally made it to the movies and they were all exhausted. "How about I buy us some smoothies" Tom said. "Sure" said Jane. Out of money was what he was all about so he went to the competing smoothie place where his friend worked to get two free ones. "Ricky, two free down here same order, light vanilla" Tom said. "First, who is that, whats her name, how old is she and what's her number. Tom takes him into the back room and says "That is Jane, I'm on a date and I need everything to go smoothly okay." "Okay" said Rick. They went back out and Rick prepared the smoothies. Tom knew that this part of the date would be a good part. The smoothie place was illuminated with light and was quiet in silence. It was weird because Rick was the only one that was working there on his shift which gave average pay like the fast food places around there. The smoothie place was empty and it was just Tom and Jane alone. Tom could tell that Jane wasn't feeling good, he had an A in health class. He wanted to be a doctor when he grew up, but he didn't have the grades for it and they where not going to pull up for him. Tom was one of the sad cases that grades will be in the gutter and a tutor can't even help him. Still there was silence in the air just like the beginning of the walk, air,and only silence.
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