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Paper I wrote in 9th grade honoring Darrell Abbott of Pantera.
Dimebag Darrell
Jessica Marie

         Often celebrity is associated with greed, betrayal and spoiled people who cry if they do not get their way or if they lose money or an award. Not every celebrity is greedy though, and “Dimebag” Darrell Abbott was one of those few individuals. “Dimebag” Darrell Abbott is the most influential person of the twentieth century because he helped out fans who were poor, down to earth and lit up any ones day and when he died, many message boards were filled with posts from fans who said that he inspired them.

         “Dimebag” Darrell Abbott was known for the size of his heart. He always did a little something to help out a fan. One instance happened in the mid Nineties. Dimebag had attended a clinic to perform and noticed a boy and his father out of the many attendees. The boy asked him if he could sign his CDs, photos and posters, so Dimebag did. The boy told Dimebag that he was the reason he wanted to play the guitar. Dimebag was excited about that statement and he asked the boy what kind of ax guitar he played. The boy did not have a guitar yet, but his father was going to save up for one. Dimebag tried to persuade the father to buy the guitar at the clinic, but the father quietly explained to him he had recently lost his job and he was trying the best he could to save up.

         After the pictures were taken of Dimebag with the boy and his father, Dimebag casually went to the store manager and asked him to tell the boy and his father to stay until after the event because he wanted to sign a special picture for them. After everyone had left and before the boy and his father came, Dimebag asked the manager to pick out the best electric guitar because he would like to buy it. Dimebag then called the boy and his father and took them back to the manager’s office. When they were away from the staff, he presented the guitar to the boy. “Merry Christmas! Start practicing now, because next time I roll through town, we’re jamming!” He told him.

         When Nick Bowcott, of Guitar World magazine, asked him about his generosity, he shrugged and just said, “The kid and his dad were way cool, so I just had to help them out. It did not cost me much, and who knows? He could wind up being the next Eddie Van Halen.” To me that was very sweet of him. He barely knew the kid for five minutes and he bought him a guitar. That shows he was not a greedy man and would do anything for a fan.

         Many of his friends, family and other fans would describe him as down to earth and it did not matter how depressed you were, he would still light up your day. If he was performing a show and a fan wanted to stay after to meet the fan or sign some autographs he would do it without questions asked or a big sigh, grunt or anything else of that nature. It did not matter if he just met the person; if the fan was of age, he would treat anyone to a shot of Black Tooth Grin. Many people recount when they met Dimebag and they never forgot. They often describe him as a funny man who lights up the day and just so down to earth.

         The day after the news broke of Dimebag’s tragic and untimely death, many online message boards filled up with stories of when someone met him and how kind he was to the person, shows people went to and many fans saying that he was the reason they picked up the guitar or started a band. Dimebag’s style inspired many people to pick up a guitar and start a band. Many people stated their bands after Vulgar Display of Power or Far Beyond Driven were released; these CDs were the most powerful at encouraging fans to pick up the guitar. Of course, we all realize there was only one Dimebag, but it never hurts anyone to practice and have an idol to follow.

         Dimebag never lost his fan status, meaning he was always a fan of music. His house was described as not having many Pantera items or awards he won, but memorabilia from other bands he enjoyed. That was what made him so down to earth and respect other fans. He always said the fans made him and the band.

         That is why “Dimebag” Darrell Abbott is the most influential person of the twentieth century because he was always appreciative of fans, especially the ones in need. It did not matter to Dimebag how long he had known them; he was willing to sacrifice anything since they were the ones who made him a celebrity. He was down to earth and would meet any fan who wanted to meet him, even if he was tired. Being tired was not an excuse for him to avoid fans. Lastly, he also inspired many people to pick up the guitar or start a band.

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