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we dont usually think about it but its quite amazing

I am writing for the first time,outside my diary of course...i mean this thought of mine must have been thought of by a lot of people...Take out work whether it be a job or studies or cooking for your family or anything...one thing or the other takes each and every friction of our mind..

our body can relax but our minds are always pre-occupied...
its quite amazing...
one fine day..i was just sitting out in a fresh morning and was holding a paper and pen..i was writing my name on it...suddenly i dont know why i decided to make a note of whatever i was thinking..for one minute i kept on writing ...
and then i just took a look of what i had written and it didnt make any sense..i wonder how our our mind makes out what to implement and what not to...and do we see clearly what we do all the time?
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