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Farm Direct Flowers and their Impact on your Wallet
The story of farm direct flowers and their impact on your wallet.

Are you a flower lover? Then surely you are aware of the outrageous prices charged by florists for flora. You can't blame them, though. There's a long chain of people those flowers have to travel past before they can even get to the shop, and thusly, many mark-ups along the way.

Let's break it down. The flowers grow and are harvested at a farm. From here, an importer or broker picks them up and ships them to a warehouse. Now a wholesaler picks them up and takes them to their location. You might recognize these people from downtown flower markets. The wholesaler sells to florists and other such retailers, who in turn, sell to you.

That makes up for quite a few stops along the way for delicate flowers. Not only is the price several times higher for you at the end of the journey, the flowers have lost precious days, sometimes up to 15, from their short lives.

All the sudden your florist's big sale doesn't seem that great, does it? Before you go storming off to give them a piece of your mind, take a moment to read on, and find out how to beat the suppliers at their own game!

There exists a service that allows for farm-direct shipment of flowers at wholesale prices: Grower's Box. Grower's Box has years of vigorous work invested in the floral industry. They have an intimate understanding of the harvesting, post-harvesting and shipping processes.

Working closely with the best farms in the United States, Central and South America, Grower's Box has cultivated a reliable and efficient farm-direct flower shipping method. They have also partnered with FedEx, ensuring quick, secure delivery of all their flowers.

So what does all this mean? It means you skip the middle men. It means your flowers are shipped directly to you, without any storage or brokerage time. Once ordered, the flowers take 3 to 4 days to arrive. That's nearly a third of the time it takes flowers to get to your local supplier!

Fresher Flowers. Wholesale Prices. What more could you want? How about help with your wedding and your honeymoon? Decorating your home for Christmas? You'll even find help with special events items.

* Wedding Flowers

Wedding costs seem to grown ridiculously large from the onset of the engagement. Soaring wedding costs often force cutbacks, which usually take the form of flower arrangement loss. That fragrant bouquet of roses slowly transforms into a handful of sunflowers.

Fear not, sweet maiden! You can purchase your wedding's entire floral arrangement from farm direct flower companies such as Grower's Box! Welcome the Wedding-in-a-Box.

While this idea might sound a bit scary at first, one look at the beautiful bouquets and arrangements that have been fashioned will put your mind at ease. You can pick from over 8 striking combinations. Each one is completely customizable. A few clicks on the website takes all the guess work out of color arrangement!

* Rose Petals

Aside from the striking Wedding In-A-Box series, farm direct purchases can give you a helping hand with the little extras, like rose petals. Many times, the two are ordered side by side. Imagine adorning the steps to your wedding with thousands of sweet smelling, soft rose petals.

Moving on to the honeymoon, incorporate a bed or bath of rose petals to make your significant other swoon. Sleeping in a bed of rose petals could be the perfect Valentine's gift.

* Holiday Greens

A nostalgic and comforting feeling drifts in with the holiday season. Unfortunately, with beautiful decorations come considerable costs. But for a fraction of the cost you'll find at your retailer, ordering your Holiday Greens farm-direct can deliver an absolutely fresh (and fragrent!) assortment of holiday greens to your door. Search and you'll find boughs and wreaths for hanging. Fill your home and enjoy the hearty pine smell.

* Bouquets

Bouquets are a perfect way to make someone feel loved. Whether it's for a special event, such as Ms. Beauty Pagent, or your mother on her birthday, bouquets make a wonderful gift. Purchasing farm-direct flowers arranged into bouquets saves not only time otherwise spent running to different florist around town, it also saves money. Not to mention the flowers themselves are going to be more fresh and beautiful.

So what have we learned today? Well, we know that buying flowers from a local retailer makes for a much more expensive shopping experience. With a little planning ahead of time, you can order flowers that promise to make the trip to your home nearly 3 times faster than they would have taken just to get to your local flower salesperson. This means fresher, fuller, more fragrant flowers. Ordering online offers more than just a few patterns of flowers to choose from, but fully customizable arrangements. Whatever your flower needs might be, save a buck or two and shop farm direct.

If farm direct flowers interest you, you might want to check out http://www.growersbox.com.
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