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I wrote this during a rainstorm to cheer a friend who was blue
I am walking along, with rain all about,
I didn't wish to be alone, I just had to get out,
The water drips and runs off the parasol,
it has no care at all,
so why should I?

Rain from the sky,
dancing along upon the cobblestones,
no more pain in my heart or bones,
and I feel differently than when I left...

A little dash of vim, a little pinch of smile,
I haven't felt this free in some while,
and my feet begin to move on their own,
a little tattoo upon the stone,
tapping a rhythm from nowhere at all,
as the rain continues to fall,

Look at me! Smiling, swinging,
the joy this little ditty is bringing,
rhythm on the flagstone,
the rain's the band, the joy's my own,

Come along, I'll share it with you,
and just maybe, some bright heart will be yours, too,
on this rainy day, feeling light and gay,
dancing with the raindrops,
and dancing my cares away!

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