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This is about society and things they battle with that are rarely discussed.
Do we have to believe everything we're told?

I watched an episode of reality television in which a young man chose to not have sex until marriage. I found it very refreshing.

Who is to say we must all be sex crazed lunitics. calling hotlines every ten minutes to soothe our primal needs.

However, what if we have already entered into a hidden trap? How do we overcome it? Furthermore, how do we offset the guilt or anguish we feel?

For the religious we must turn to Heavenly Father and ask him to forgive us. For others it is such a common practice to be immoral that guilt does not follow.

Society tells us that it is ok to be sexual beings. I wonder if that person who began this notion knew anything else but the immorality that took over his senses.

when will someone come out of the guilty closet and say it is not ok to be immoral, but it should be ok to heal.
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