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Having a fight and needed to vent
Starched Boxer Shorts Syndrome

I am trying to figure out what happened. I really have no idea. I am sitting there, just finished dinner, having a pleasant evening - then bam. You come home and snap. Poor little twig ~ not the tree you thought you were.

I could have understood if I did something horrible, nasty or just down right wrong to you. However, I did not. Not that I can remember. I called you to let you know that dinner was ready, sat down, and ate. Nope nothing that I can think of. Hell, man did someone starch your boxers?

Hmmm. Starch the boxers. Now there is something I could do. Try it again. Come home all pissy like that. See what happens after that. Just make sure that I use those extra hardening agents.

That is it... I think I have figured it out. Women have PMS... Men have Starched Boxer Syndrome. It explains it all. Does not have to be once a month, it can be any time you change those things.

Maybe a little butt kissing will help. Not yours ~ mine.

Maybe when the sun rises where it does not shine - you will be forgiven.
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