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Horrible poems I wrote on a slow lecture day in Psyc class. Turn back and save yourself!
*So these are really really horrendous and you'd be doing yourself a favor to turn back right now! I wrote them in the middle of psyc class instead of paying attention. If you keep on reading, it's at your own risk. Though you might learn something if you keep going.*

An Ode To Conditioning

Between UCS and CS
Stands a very clear distinction
Ringing the bell without the food
Leads to quick extinction

This is talking about the UnConditioned Stimulus (UCS) and the Conditioned Stimulus (CS). An example of a UCS is food. Seeing food naturally causes a dog to drool. A CS is something like the sound of a bell. Usually a bell wouldn't make a dog drool, but if the appearance of food is always accompanied by the sound of a bell eventually, just the sound of the bell will illicit drooling! Exciting Stuff! What the poem is saying is a CS can die out if it is repeatedly not paired with a UCS. Now you know!

An Ode to Reinforced Behavior

Little crying brat
Screams for his sweets and toys
Remove the reinforcer
And remove the tiresome noise

Quit giving the little devil attention, both positive and negative, and eventually he or she will give it up... and start looking for a better way of getting to you

Negative vs. Punishment

Negative reinforcement
Ain't punishment, that’s true
It takes away what you don't want
Not something of value to you

This is just clarifying the difference between negative reinforcement and punishment. Punishment takes away something you value, like taking away the crayons from a kid that just drew all over the wall. Negative reinforcement takes away something you don’t want, like in the way Tylenol takes away headaches. If it works, you'll take it again next time you get a headache. Voila, you've been negatively reinforced!

Ok, that ends class for today! Don't you feel enlightened?
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