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by sherli
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Thoughts If condition applied remains nothing..the only outcome would be just memories
I have met different kinds of peoples...its so much amazing how Gods creates people so different from each other.
I will give a better picture of what i am thinking right now....New born babies are all the same...its all that when they grow slowly they start to change themselves..At their earlier stage, they learn things from the people around them and give out what they learn...later that changes to taking and expectng from others..
One wants to change the world around them....always looking for something or the other.But one forgets that it is for them to change...Well nothing change, the only thing that change, is you.
In my teens and during my college days,I kept on changing myself,My hair,My wardrobe,My shoes etc...i remember getting up early in the wintery mornings just to apply some stupid face creams to look perfect before going out.
It has'nt been that long since I finished college now...but now i feel more secure now,It doesnt matter...what i wear,how do i walk.Even then I FEEL MORE SECURE!!

The Reason what i feel that my thoughts were not conditioned according to what i had around me..There have been times in my life when i as a person was based on others... Now I realize that all I really need is to have faith in who I am.
Because you are what your thoughts are..and you need to condition your thoughts according to yourself...and just keep enjoying everything around you by the courage to accept things when you cannot change anything and wisdom to change when you can.
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