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Rated: 18+ · Short Story · Drama · #1094456
When a government testing goes horribly wrong...
"Please state your name, age and location last inhabited."

"Brenda Marsh, seventeen, Atlanta, Georgia."

"Are you the only survivor in your family?"


"What was that?"

"Yes, I'm the only survivor. Geeze, I was the only one you guys picked up, right?"

"Please just answer the questions, Miss. Marsh."

"Sure. Whatever."

"Where were you on the day 'The Incident' occurred?"

"You mean when the world decided to go straight to hell?"

"Yes, I guess you could put it that way."

"I was in my room sleeping."

"And then what happened?"

"Well, I heard this loud boom sound and I sorta figured my dad had blown the circuit again...he's always tinkering with stuff in the basement– anyway, I figured my dad's screwed up again, and I sorta waited to hear my mom go yelling at him again, and I didn't hear anything."

"Go on."

"So, I get out of bed to figure out what the heck's going on, and I hear nothing – like total silence and shit, you know? It freaked me out. Badly. Mind if I drink some water?"

"Be my guest."

"So, what are you guys like, The Secret Service?"

"What we are is of no real importance right now, Miss. Marsh. We're only interested in hearing your story...as a survivor."

"Right. You guys kinda look like secret agents..."

"Please, Miss. Marsh."

"Yeah, so I go to my kid brother's room, figuring he'd know just what the hell happened, and he wasn't there. So I figured he'd gone over to his friend's house. Then I go looking for my mom and dad. I look in the kitchen, where I coulda sworn Mom had been making dinner, and...well...everything's there but my mom isn't."


"The pot's still on the fire, there's vegetables still on the kitchen counter, looking as if they're about to be chopped, and the TV's still on, but my mom's nowhere around. By this time, I'm totally creeped out, you know? So, I go looking for my dad, and I'm calling him and no answer. I look in the basement and his tools and everything are still intact, but it's like my dad's vanished too. Now, it takes a lot to scare me. I mean, I'm not the kinda girl that'd go crying or screaming like a baby at horror flicks..."

"About the events..."

"I was getting there. All right, I go back into the house and try to call my brother to see where he is. He's always got his cell phone with him, but surprise, surprise, phone lines are dead and as if on cue, the power immediately goes out. So I'm left in semi-darkness, freaked out of my skull not knowing what to do. I run out to the street, figuring there must be someone else out there who's still...well...around."

"And did you find anyone?"

"Nope. Or maybe they were around and they were too scared to come out. So thinking they had the right idea, I decided to stay home for a while and just keep watch you know, until something happened or rescue or something. I packed up my blanket and pillows and some food from the pantry and made camp in the basement. Ah, I took my dad's handgun too, just in case."

"And did anything happen while you were there?"

"No...I sorta lost track of time down there. I didn't dare leave especially when I started hearing the gunshots and explosions happening. It was like there was a war going on outside and I didn't want to die. I thought about my mom and my dad and my kid brother and wondered what had happened to them and if they were okay. I mean, sure they were pains in the ass sometimes and always got on my case because I was 'different' but...they weren't so bad."

"Would you say your parents were good to you?"

"I guess. Sure they scold and yell at me when I get in trouble at school, but they were all right. I mean I know Mom and Dad were planning to get divorced at some point. That's because Dad lost his job at the factory and started drinking lots, and Mom got pissed off and used to yell at him each night and stuff like that. But I know what you're thinking and no, my dad never hit her or me or my brother."

"How old was your brother?"

"He would have been fifteen in two weeks and he was planning to have a kickass party too. Man...this whole thing sucks. I know I used to tell him to get out of my room and to stop bugging me most of the time because I needed my space you know, but...but...I'd do anything to see them now. I don't even mind getting yelled at by Mom or Dad. Hell, I'll even let Jordan...that's my brother's name...play in my room with all my games and stuff if he wants. I mean...they were my family after all and I did love them...in my own way. I miss them every day."

"Indeed and I can only sympathize at your loss."

"So...like...what happened? Where did everyone go? You guys know, right? Why weren't some of us taken too?"

"Your questions will be answered soon, but I thank you for your time, Miss. Marsh. Agent Sully will escort you back to your quarters for now."

"But...what's going to happen to me?"

"Do not worry. You'll be well taken care of, Miss. Marsh. Your bravery will be rewarded accordingly."


"An unfortunate incident, wouldn't you say, sir?"

"Yes indeed. The idea of tapping all mechanical devices in that town had seemed like a good idea on paper. Who would have thought it would go so horribly awry? People vanishing or losing their minds. I don't get it."

"What do we do now, sir?"

"Get those damned scientists on the line, but for now, let the survivors have their memories erased. The last thing I need is another mutiny on our hands."

Word Count: 1000
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