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Hermione cant choose between Ron and Draco, but she has to before she loses both.
Chapter 1
Hermione hopped on the Hogwarts train and sighed. This will be one of her last times getting on this train. She couldn't believe how fast the the years have gone. It seemed like only yesterday she had came on this train for the first time.
Hermione found an empty booth for her friends and herself. She still could not believe what happened that Summer. She had fell in love with Draco Malfoy. ~I can't believe it~ Hermione thought. Just then Draco came in leaving a confused Ccrabbe and Goyle looking on the outside.
"Hey love, um..I can't seem to get rid of those two! I never noticed how much they follow me", Draco said jokingly. "Well, maybe I can clear them up", Hermione said. She pulled Draco on her and Kissed him.
Crabbe and Goyle looked shocked. When Draco told them he switched to Griffyndor and that he was with Hermione Granger, they thought he was just kidding. The two slowly walked away, realizing they had just lost their master.
Harry and Ron saw Hermione and Draco sitting together and holding hands. Harry went to open the compartment door but Ron said "I'm not sitting with them". Ron kept walking. Harry looked at Hermione and shruggeed. He shut the compartment door back and followed Ron.
"Come on, we have to meet with the prefects anyway. I have to decline my position since I switched houses, and you have to check in", Draco said sweetly. They both got up and went into the prefects cabin.
Meanwhile Ron and Harry are sitting at the back of the traain. "I'm not going to the prefects meeting. Not if "they" are going to be there." Ron said crosswing his arms.
"Come on. the relationship won't last. How long can Malfoy stay sweet and nice? Hermione will come to her senses, give it time. In the meanwhile, at least talk to Hermione, even though she is with Draco you can still be friends" Harry said.
Just then Ginny walked in with Luna. "Hello Harry", Ginny said as she kissed him on the cheek. She sat down next to him. "I'm so glad you decided to come back to Hogwarts with me", Ginny said.She put her head on his shoulder.
The only reason Harry did come back was Ginny. He couldn't break up with her, especially after that summer. He loved her too much. So he decided he would stay with her and protect her rather than leaving her and protecting her.
When Luna saw Giny kissed Harry she frowned a little, just a little, and said "Well, um..I have to got find someone". She ran out of the compartment.
"Ron, you know you have to talk to Hermione.", Ginny said.
"No, all these years, I thought she felt for me the same way", Ron said.
"She did you git! I guess she got tired of you waiting to tell her. You always would be terribly sweet and then get mad. You'd get in a huge argument every year. Come on, Ron. Those are some pretty mixed signals" Ginny said.
"She's smart, she should've figured them out.", Ron said getting angry.
"No, you should have told her. This is your fault you know", Ginny said. Harry just was sitting there watching them go back and forth.
"And I waited 5 years for Harry to finally realize that we belong together. She waited seven! And you never told her. it took me dating other guys for Harry to realize how he felt. Maybe now you realize you could lose Hermione at any time. You should have taken her when you had the chance." Ginny said.
The rest of the train ride was non stop arguing on the Hermione subject. Finally Ron gave in. "Fine I'll talk to her", was all he said.
Ron got up and went towards the prefects compartment.
"I thought he'd never leave!", Herry said as he kissed Ginny. Ginny giggled. Just then Neville came in.
"Sorry, did I disturb you?" Neville asked.
"No, ot's okay Neville, come in" Ginny said. Harry gave her a pleading look, and she gave him a "later" look.
"Oh..um Harry, I have a message from Hermione." Neville said as he pulled a peice of parchment out of his pocket.
The note said:


Meet me at 2pm in the girl's lavatory,

the one with Moaning Mertyle. Don't bring

anyone with you, it's important. Very important.

Something shocking about Voldemort that Malfoy

told me. He's coming too.

- Hermione

"What did it say?", Ginny asked. He let her see it. "Why do you have to come alone?" Ginny asked. Harry shrugged. Neville got up and left.
Just then the candy trolly came by. "Anything from the trolley my dears?", the woman asked.
"yes, umm..Ginny what do you want?" Herry asked.
"let's see..two boxed of every flavored beans, exploding lollipop, and two choclate frogs", Ginny said.
"That be a gallion and three sickles", the woman said. Harry pulled the money out of his pocket. The woman gave him all of his snacks. The rest of the train ride, Harry and Ginny were alone to talk, and eat, and kiss.

Chapter 2

"I can't believe after this year you'll be leaving me!", Ginny said to Harry as they were riding in the carrige to the castle. On the other side of them was Ron and Neville. "Did you talk to Hermione?", Harry asked.
"I didn't get a chance to. Draaacoo took her away after the meeting!" Ron said with an attitude. "Then he had the nerve to turn around, give me a nasty look, and mouthed out Stay away from her" Ron said.
"I can't believe that! Hermione can talk to whoever she wants to, Draco dosn't own her.", Ginny said.
"He thinks he does. He's getting a little over protective", Ron said.
"Don't act like you wouldn't be! You probably won't let her look at another boy if you were with her. You know how jealous you get.", Harry said.
"I don't get jealous, when have I ever been jealous?" Ron said angrily.
"Let's see Viktor Krum" Ginny said.
"Goblet of Fire", Harry said.
"The time you saw Dean and I together", Ginny said.
"The time you saw Ginny and I together", Harry said.
"okay, okay, I get your point! I get jealous alot!" Ron said with his arms crossed.

The carriages came to a hault and the students filed out into the Great Hall. Hermione glanced at Ron. He was looking pretty down and a wave of guilt took over her. Draco saw Hermione staring at Ron, in his eyes, and took her hand to make her stop.
~Why am I being so jealous lately. I know Hermione won't just leave me. But I cannot stand that Wealsey! I wish he could, dissapeer!~ Draco thought to himself.
Hermione looked down at Draco's hand, and saw where the Dark Mark was burned onto him. He noticed her looking at it and pulled down his sleeve. She looked up in his eyes and saw pure shame, guilt, and sadness. She smiled at him, signaling it was okay.
Draco and Hermione sat down in the middle of the table followed by Harry, Ron, Ginny, and Neville. Ron gave Draco a dirty look, that Hermione didn't see. She was looking at the staff table.
"Get off it, Weasley" Draco said in a dirty tone.
"Draco!", Hermione yelled. "He's my friend. What are you talking about?" hermione asked.
"This...this..this scum she flashed me a dirty look." Draco said still looking at Ron.
"Calm down..Draco!" Hermione said.
"No..I don't want to calm down! If you don't want to stand up for me I'll go to my old friends.!" Draco got up and walked to the Slytherin table.
"Fine! See if I care!" Hermione said. But she did care. One tear fell down her red puffy face. She was going to start crying any moment now. She got up and ran out of the Great Hall.
Ron had a smirk on his face. ~Yes, I hope it's over for good~ Ron thought. Then he saw Draco follow Hermione out of the Great Hall.

Hermione was running up the stairs crying when she heard someone leave the Great Hall. "Hermione, Hermione wait! I'm sorry", she heard Draco yell. She stopped in her tracks.
Draco came running up the stairs. "i lost my temper, I do that sometimes. it runs in the family, I'm..I'm sorry!", Draco said. Hermione smiled and said "it's okay! I lost mine too". They kissed.
"Oh, kissey kissey Grangey and Malfoey kissey kissey, how sweety!", they heard Peeves say.
"Come on, let's go back to the common room, I'm not hungry.", Hermione said.
"Beraundagendas" Hermion said to the Fat Lady portrait. The two walked in the Common Room and sat in a chair together. They started kissing, but stopped when noticed they were'nt alone.
Luna sat on the couch with Colin Creevy, they were snogging! They never noticed Hermione or Draco. Draco and Hermione crept upstairs to the boys dormitoy. They continued kissing and that grew to more touching. Next hing Hermione knew, she lost control and her virginity. She couldn't believe what just happened. It was, scary.Hermione redressed her self and stared at Draco. He looked like he died and went to heaven.
"Was that your first time?", Hermione asked him.
"No..no it wasn't. My father made me lose my virginity to one of Voldemort's old servant girls. he said that Death Eaters can't be virgins. I didn't want to, but techinically it felt like nothing. Really this felt more like what my first time should be like.", Draco said. Hermione smiled and kissed him.
"I better go, um..they would be getting back soon.", Hermione said. Draco remade his bed and and sorted through all his things.
Hermione left the room in a daze but wanted to rest, she was still in a little pain. Instead of using a spell to take the pain away, she wanted to endure through it, it was her reminder of the bravest thing she had ever done.~Every woman has to lose their viginity sometime~ she thought to herself. On her way to the girl's dormitory,she ran into Ron. He gave her a nasty look. She pulled him to the side.
"Ron, look, I know that you and I had that thing, but I'm sorry! I still want to be friends, but your making it hard for me. Please forgive me", Hermione said.He looked into her eyes and saw pain.
Ron couldn't be just friends. Not after how much he loved her. He couldn't stand it. he kissed her, ina long passionate kiss. At that same time Draco came out the boy's dormitory and saw them. Hermione released her lips. She never noticed Draco.
"Ronald, I already told you I was with Draco, I'm sorry, you should have told me before. You can't wait and realize you love me just because I was with someone else. You did the same thing with Victor. Just then a green flash of light hit Ron and he flew back.
Hermione turned around and saw Draco standing there in a dueling position. "Draco, what are you doing?", Hermione asked. "he needs to learn to keep his lips to himself. And you do too" Draco said with hatred in his eyes. He pulled Hermione up the stairs into the boy's dormitories and shut the door. "What are you..", Hermione began to say but was stopped when draco slapped her so hard, she fell to the ground. Draco was looked like steam was coming out of his ears, but he cooled down when he realized what he just done. He becoming his father all over again.
The hurt in Hermione's eyes almost killed him, and only one tear came out of her eyes. She got up and ran out into the Girl's dormitories. Draco ran after her, trying to say he was sorry. He tried to open the door but the door pushed him away. Inside the dormitory, Hermione laid on her bed and cried herself to sleep. ~What was I thinking, once a Malfoy, always a Malfoy. But I love him so much, maybe I did deserve it. I..I am the one who pulled Ron aside, it is my fault, he had a right to hit me. He did it for my own good. He loves me, he won't do it again, he won't do it again.~ was what Hermione kept thinking over and over.
Ginny saw Draco sitting at the girl's domitory door with his head in his lap. She immediately knew what was wrong. "What did you do to her?", Ginny asked.
He looked up and had sadness and fear in his eyes. "I..I didn't mean to hit her, it was Voldemort took over me or something. It's probably because of the stupid..."Draco said as he looked down at his arm.
"You hit her?", Ginny asked angrily. Ginny opened the door and went in. Hermione's pillow was soaked from all the tears, her face was dreched, and she fast asleep. Ginny saw a cut on her face. ~I'm going to kill Malfoy~ Ginny thought as she stormed out of the Girl's dorms. Draco was no longer at the door, or in the boy's dorms.
Ginny gave up looking. She'd get him, when she sa him. Harry was in the boy's dorms and she went in to tell him what happened. Harry had the same reaction she did. He also wanted to kill him. Ginny calmed him down by starting to kiss him. "I love you", Harry said. "I love you ,too", Ginny said. They continued kissing. Then draco stormed into the room.
Harry stood up like he was ready to fight. "Harry I didn't come to fight you. I am sorry for wat I did to Hermione my temper got the best of me. But there is something important I have to tell you", Draco said.
"What is it?", Harry said angrily.
"I think there may be a way to get your parents back", Draco said.
Harry was stunned.

Chapter 3

Hermione finally woke up out of her sleep at about 4am. She came out of the dorm and the Common Room was completetly empty except for one blond boy sitting on the couch with puffy grey eyes and a vodka bottle.
"I'm going back upstairs", Hermione said soon as she seen him.
"Hermione wait, please I'm sorry", Draco said. He put down the almost empty bottle. He got upand swayed over to Hermione. She could tell he was drunk. he was beginning to get sick too.
Hermione sat him down on the couch "I know your sorry. But it was my fault too. Let me give you a sober spell, your gonna puke", Hermion said. Draco couldn't say anything.
She flicked her wand and Draco blew chunks intoa nearby Gryffindor hat. Hermione laughed. "I hope no one puts that on", Hermione said. Draco laughed too, but he was beginning to fall asleep.

About a month past and Ron, Harry, and Ginny still did not forgive Draco for hitting Hermione. Hermione was also starting to feel very ill. Every morning she'd throw up. Draco started to worry something was wrong with her. He urged her to go to the Hospital Wing to see Madame Pommfrey. She kept refusing, until she couldn't get out of bed on day.
"There is nothing wrong with this child stomach. but one possible reason..this may be embarrising hun..but are you sexually active?", Madame Pomfrey asked with concern in her eyes.
"um...yes..I am..but you you don't think I'm.." hermione said with fear in her eyes.
"You just might be..honey! You show all the symptoms. Have you been getting more and more hungry lately?", the nurse asked. "Yes", Hermione said. "Have you noticed small weight changes, morning sickness, weird taste in foods?", the nurse asked. "Yes, um..to all... of to all of them", hermione said with tears in her eyes.
"I see", Madame Pomfrey said. She took out her want and blue light came out of her wand. She lifted Hermione's shirt and scanned her belly. "Yes, I was right. I'm sorry honey but you are pregnant", Madame pomfrey said.
The news hit Hermione like a brick, this couldn't happen to her. Not her, she was supposed to be the smart descent girl, oh no how will everyone react. How will Draco react? "I can't be pregnant?", hermione said. She burst into tears. Just then the class bell rang.
Harry, Ginny, and Malfoy came from potions.
" So what did the nurse say?", Draco asked compassionatly.
Malfoy gave Hermione 60 roses that bloomed over and over. "Thank you" Hermione said as she wiped the tears from her face. "They're beautiful" she said.
"So what is wrong with you", Harry asked. Hermione's smile dropped from her face. She sat the roses aside.
"Um..Harry..can Draco and I be alone for a sec, I have something to tell him", Hermione said. Draco looked worried.
"um..Sure..he's your boyfriend and all", Harry said as he strolled away with Ginny.
"What is it Hermione?", Draco asked.
"Madame Pomfrey says I'm not sick. She's says...she says...". Hermione said. "she says what honey?", Draco asked. "She says...I'm...I'm pregnant" hermione said as she let out a tear.
Draco was shocked. How could he be a father at such a young age. It was too much to handle.
"Is this the father Miss Granger?", Madame promfrey asked.
"Yes, yes I am", Draco said spookingly.
"have you come to a decision, if you want the abortion or not" Madame Pomfrey asked.
"We haven't we'll be back tommorow to decide.With our decision", Hermione said. Draco looked taken back ~What does she mean we haven't decided, of course she's getting an abortion!~ Draco thought to himself.
"Meanwhile, I will send notes excusing you from classes when you are sick Miss. Granger. Come down anytime", Madame pormfreyy said in a nice tone. Draco helped Hermione up from the bed.
"so what was wrong with her?", Harry asked on their way out.
"None of you buisness", Draco said.
"It is, if it concerns my best friend", Harry said angrily.
"I'm pregnant Harry, okay? Now did that really concern you?", Hermione said angrily. Harry and Ginny stood rotted in their spots with pure shock on their faces.
"Are you going to keep it?", Ginny asked while catching up with Draco and Hermione.
"We don't know", Draco said. He gave Hermione a sympathy look.
When Draco and Hermione were finally alone, they discussed their situation. "Look, you are too young to have a baby", Malfoy said. "I'm not giving this baby up, I want to keep it. I don't want to be a murderer. Plus our finacial situation is fine.", Hermione said. That was true, since Malfoy's dad was put in Azkaban, Malfoy was awarded have of his estate. He then emancipated himself from his mother.
"Hermione you will have to stop school, too much magic around one child is too much to handle. You'd have to give up your dreams and goals" Draco said.
"No, my dream has always been to be a mother. The most challenging job on earth!", Hermione said jokingly.
"So, you want to keep the baby? I'll continue chool, and get some kind of job at he ministry telling them Voldemort's plans and things. Fine, we can keep the baby" Draco said.
Hermione smiled. They decided Hermione would continue school and graduate early by doubling classes(Using the clock from third year). Meanwhile they looked for a proper home to raise their child.
Months had gone by and Ron was still hurt by the news. The whole entire school seemed to know, and everyone looked at Hermione either enviously, pitifully, or disrespectfully. While Draco got reconition for "breaking" hermione from most of the guys, particularly in Slytherin. He always just ignored the woohoo's and the you the man's in the hallway. Whenever htye walked down the hall togehter people stared at them and whispered to their friends.
Hermione was starting to show, and hated being at Hogwarts. She made weeekly visits to the Infimary and had frequent chats with Dumbledore. He urged her not be ashamed about her position. She immediately felt better after talking to him.
But like every gossip at Hogwarts, the hype about Draco and Hermione quickly faded to some other person. When Hermione was seven months along she left Hogwarts. Her friends threw her a huge party in the Common Room. People from Ravenclaw and Hufflepuff also came. Harry and Ron were the saddest to see her leave. Ron finally made up with her, and told her they'd always be friends no matter what. She felt so much better after that.
Draco escorted her to their new home. It was a mini-mansion with seven bedrooms and five bathrooms. hermonie wondered why they needed so many rooms. Draco just couldn't shake his habit of loving big homes, it ran through his vains. Hermione had two maids and a woman there just incase she went in labor.
Draco instructed the maids the second Hermione goes into labor tell him. He already had floo powder waiting by the Gryffindor fire place, that could be used only for him.

Finally the day came. Draco was in Potions class when an owl swooped through the window towards him. "What is the meaning of all of this.." Snape hissed.
Draco took the letter and read it outloud.

Mr.D. Malfoy,

Your fiance, Hermione Granger went into

labor an hour ago. She refuses to cooperate

until you get there. She is going unconcious

and is sweating alot Please come soon! She can

go into shock at any moment and you will lose

her and the baby.

-Doctor P. Fitgerald

Everyone heard him read it out loud. He sat here looking around. "Get up, you get, go help Mrs. Granger as fast as you can!", Yelled Snape. Draco ran out of the room at full speed. Harry and Ron followed him.
"Were coming too, she's been our best friend forever, we have a right to go", Harry said. "fine", Malfoy said. All three went into the fireplace.
"Rochester Hills, Malfoy Mansion address 3242 Burberry Lane!", Draco yelled. He then threw the floo powder down and green flames engulfed all three boys.
Immediately all three heard Hermione from downstairs. They went into the delievery room Malfoy had set up for Hermione.
"Mr.Malfoy, finally we have been giving her pain easing spells but it can't mask the pain completely. No spell can mask the pain of labor", the doctor said. Draco took Hermione's hand.
Harry and ron waited outside the room looking around. ~Nice place. I'd never be able provie this for her~ Ron thought. The two waited for hours and eventually fell asleep.
Finally they were woken up by a loud cry. Harry came into the delievery room and saw a baby almost identical to...him.
"Why does our baby look exactly like Harry?", Draco asked confused.
"I...I don't know", Hermione said confused herself. The baby had vibrant green eyes and was so attentive, just looking around. The baby's hair was black with brown streaks. Unlike Harry though, the baby was really pale, about Draco's complexion.
" I under stand that you have the Dark Mark", the doctor said. "Isn't that ritual taking blood from Voldemort and putting a little into you?", the doctor asked.
"Yes, I only got because my father foced me, but yes, but what does that have to do with Harry?", Draco asked confused.
"I think I know, the night of the Tournament in 4th year, when you-know-who came back, he took some of my blood, to be complete", Harry said.
"That explains it, Harry's blood characteristics must be so strong they survived goin from himself to you. Which means, alot of Death eater's babies might turn out to look like him", the Doctor said. Hermione rested for about two days, her body so weak from labor.
Harry and Ron got back to school and told the others about what happened. Ginny frequently visited Hermion and the year was coming to a close. Dumbledore decided she would graduate with the rest of them.
The Graduation was incredible thre were huge sky ballons, bursting and turning into fire works. There wer tons of people and newpapers there to see Harry Potter Graduate. The Ball was incredible. Everything was going perfect until Death Eaters showed up and killed twelve people. Among them was Dumbledore. Hermione and Draco got away in time with their baby.
The funeral was sceduled in a week. hermione and her new family went. The new Malfoys promised they would bring down Voldemort with the help of Harry, Ron, Ginny, and the order of Phoenix, if it was the last thing they did.

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