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A chapter I wrote in the Triple Disney weight gain story.
Let the Feast Begin (ID #296189)
an addition by: Writerguy

Kim made her decision to be lazy and gain weight. She chose to stay home for the rest of the weekend.

Kim went downstairs in a tank top and pajama pants. She quickly noticed that no one was in the house.

"Great, I'm alone," Kim said. "Perfect for my little meal."

Kim opened the refrigerator and jumped with excitement. The fridge was filled to the brim with food.

"Oh, man, I am so gonna pig out."

Kim took everything out of the fridge and placed it all over the table. Then, she set up a video camera and pressed Record. She sat in the chair and began her binge.

She was eating like a ferocious beast. Kim scarfed down two pounds of sliced turkey, and devoured an entire large bowl of creamy macaroni and cheese. She took a little break and looked down at her stomach.

Her usual slim midriff now became a nice, round potbelly. Kim gave it a little poke and it jiggled slightly, causing her to emit a big belch.

"Oooh! excuse me! Time to kick the eating up a notch."

Kim ate with lightning speed. She gorged on the leftover pizza, chicken nuggets, hamburgers, fries, fish, and boiled eggs. She was finally finished.


She looked down and discovered that her potbelly is now a large drooping gut, which was the size of an overinflated beach ball and was nearly touching her bare feet.

"WOW! This weight gain plan is working better than I thought! I'm gonna need some new clothes."

Should she...

You now have the following 2 choices:

Go shopping for clothes

Have a snack and dessert
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