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The next chapter I wrote for the Triple Disney Weight Gain Story. Enjoy!
Time For Dessert (ID #296383)
an addition by: Writerguy

"Nah, that can wait. I'm still starving. Time for some dessert."

Kim stopped the camera and took it upstairs to the bathroom, her huge belly jiggling wildly. She then went to her room to find her mini-fridge. Kim opened it and took out cans of whipped cream and many gallons of ice cream, which is surprising that something so big can fit in a mini-fridge.

"Ohhh, man, this is gonna be fun!"

She took the gallons of ice cream and dumped them all into the empty, sparkling bathtub. When the dumping was finished, all the ice cream towered over her. It nearly touched the bathroom ceiling.


Kim pressed Record on the camera and, in less than a second, began chowing down on the ice cream.

Minutes passed, and the tower of ice cream was shrinking due to the rapid intensity of Kim's eating.

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