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Yet another chapter I wrote for the Triple Disney weight gain story series.
She Ate It All Up!!! (ID #298056)
an addition by: Writerguy

Only an hour passed, and all of ice cream was out of the tub and into Kim's belly. Her belly was nearly the same height of the dessert before she ate it. It jiggled every time Kim breathed, and it was groaning loudly due to the digestive system working hard to churn all of the consumed ice cream. The gigantic gut shook suddenly, and made Kim release an insanely loud burp that made her belly shake more than a pile of jello.

"Whoo! That was the best dessert I ever had!" Kim said with much excitement. Amazingly, Kim stood up easily despite her large stomach. She turned to the big mirror and glanced with amazement. Her belly stood out two feet in front of her: an immense, fleshy apron with a belly button half the size of a crater. It drooped from her pajama pants and touched the floor, covering five inches of it.

"Oh my gosh, I'M SOOOOO SEXY!!!!!"

Kim placed her hand on her belly. The hand was instantly sinking into the fat until it disappeared. As she pulled it out, her fleshy skin wobbled rapidly.

"BUGLURRRRRRRRRRRRRP! I'm gassy and gorgeous! Hmm, maybe I should order some pizza. I can use some cheese right about now."

She turned off the camera and took it with her down to the kitchen. Kim picked up the phone and called Fatty's Pizza, a restaurant that Ron now works at.

"Welcome to Fatty's Pizza, how can I help you?" the caller said.

"I would like to have 200 Extra Extra Extra Cheese Pizzas With Extra Cheese with a 20 Liter Burpsi soda." Kim said quickly. She had never ordered so much before.

"Would that be all?"

"Yes, please."

"That would be $35. Your delivery will arrive in 5 minutes."

"Thanks. Bye." Kim hung up the phone and quickly started thinking:

Oh, no, Ron would see me! He wouldn't be attracted to me anymore if he sees me fat like this! I gotta do something!

She, despite her girth, raced upstairs quickly to find some clothes that would hide her gut.

. . .

Outside, Ron arrived in the delivery truck.

"Kim's house? This can't be right. She wouldn't even eat a whole pizza pie, let alone 200! She must be having a party."

Ron got out of the car with a wheelbarrow that contained three large crates. He scooted the food to the door and rang the bell. The door opened and Kim stood at the door, wearing a big baggy sweatshirt.

"Hi, Ron," Kim said romantically as she gave Ron a big kiss.

"Hey K.P.," Ron said. "Uh, are you having some kind of party or something, cause I have a lot of food here."

"No, I'm not having a party. All of that food is for me."

Ron stared at Kim, then the crates, and bursted with laughter. "Okay, Kim, seriously. Who are these for?"


"Okay, that's too funny."


"Kim, serious time now. Who are these for?"

"Come in, I have to show you something."

Ron followed Kim inside the living room carrying the wheelbarrow, and stood in front of Kim.

"Ron, you might want to stand back."

"Ohhhh.....kay." Ron backed up two inches. Kim then took off the sweatshirt. Her stomach was flat.

"Umm, Kim, why are you showing me your stomach? And what is that in your navel?"

"It's a cork, and here is what I want to show you."

Kim yanked the cork out of her belly button and within seconds her flat stomach bulged into the giant belly she had before. Ron's eyes popped out of his sockets.

"So Ron, what do you think?"
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