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And another chapter I wrote.
What a Sexy Belly! (ID #298206)
an addition by: Writerguy

"That...has...to be...the most SEXIEST THING I'VE EVER SEEN!!!!"

Ron fell in love with Kim's belly! He kissed her warm fat flesh and then gave Kim a long, big kiss.

"Kim," Ron said, "This is so new to me! I would never have thought you wanted to be fat! Kim, I love you so much, and I love the new you." He gave Kim another big kiss.

"Thanks Ronnie," Kim said, blushing. "I was so worried that you wouldn't love me because of my new weight. Now I feel like shouldn't have panicked."

"You should have never panicked" Ron said. "Come on, let's make you fatter."


Kim laid flat on the living room couch, her mountain of a stomach sticking out above her. Ron opened the crate and pulled out big boxes. He opened one to show Kim the pizza pie.

The pizza wasn't necessarily a pie; it looked like a massive birthday cake. The pizza had layers and layers of cheese, with tomato sauce sandwiched inbetween.

Kim was aroused by the pizza's smell. "Ohhh, man, that smells so good."

"Yeah it sure does," Ron said. "Well, dig in!"

Kim scarfed the "pie" like a wild animal. Ron just stood and looked at Kim, completely turned on by the sight. When she was done, she belched loudly and rubbed her gut, which had grown a few inches.

"OHHHH, THAT WAS GOOD! Ron, I want you to feed me the pizza!"

"Okay, KP, coming right-"

"HURRY! I'M STARVING!" Kim roared.

"Okay, Okay!" Ron placed all of the pizzas on the table and opened all of them. He shoved slice after slice in Kim's mouth.

"Mmm, so yummy. Keep 'em comin', Ron!"


Ron then increased his speed. As he was feeding, he glanced up at Kim's stomach. His jaws dropped as he saw her gut growing by the second, reaching almost halfway towards the ceiling.

An hour passed, and Kim had just devoured 200 pizzas. Her face was smothered with cheese and tomato sauce.

"That was the best meal ever." Those words came out of her mouth slowly as her large stomach growled loudly. She could hear the digestive system churning all of that cheese. Suddenly her stomach jiggled violently.

"What's happening?" Kim said, panicking.

"I have no idea but I think I should- FIRE IN THE HOLE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!" Ron ducked behind the crate and covered his eyes.

Kim was scared stiff. Her belly quaked and quaked and groaned. "Oh, no, I think I'm gonna-


She emitted the most massive belch in the entire world.

"False alarm!" Kim said, giggling.

Ron came from behind the crate, which was now a pile of wood due to the force of Kim's burp. His hair was blown back as if he was electrocuted.

"Kim, that was the burp to end all burps! That was AWESOME! You must have major gas!"

"Well, that's definite," Kim said. "Anyway, I'm really thirsty."

"Coming up, my princess." Ron pulled out a bottle of soda that was half the height of a skyscraper. He opened the top and dragged the giant drink to Kim.

"Say, ahhh."

"AHHHHHHHHH." Kim suddenly felt the cool beverage running down her throat.

Ron lifted the bottle and more soda went into Kim's mouth. It didn't take long to go into her stomach.

Kim's massive gut inflated like a balloon. It gurgled constantly as it kept on growing and growing, now a few inches near the ceiling. Then, instead of touching the ceiling, it widened, covering Kim's legs and feet. The fleshy mountain expanded on the front of the couch and touched the floor.

An hour passed and Kim was finally-

"Finished! All gone!"

Ron dropped the empty bottle and savoured the view. Kim's stomach was really something to behold. It was a colossal blob of gelatinous fat.

"So, Ron, enjoying the view?" Kim asked, giggling.

"S-S-STAY RIGHT THERE!" Ron raced up stairs and came back down with a scale. "L-Let's check your weight."

Kim stood up with great ease. Her gut knocked over the table, spilling the empty pizza boxes on the floor.

"Wow, Kim! You must have a spine of steel! You are HUGE and you can still just, jump up?"

"Well, cheerleading has certainly helped me for the best, Ron."

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