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A personal poem about myself in love with a girl at highschool
What do you do when you are in love?
How do you conquer something like this?
Why does it have to tear at your heart?
Why do I continue to Remenisce?

Why when I see this girl at school,
My mind is swept of everything I know?
What inside me convinces myself,
To expand my feelings and let it grow?

Is it the way she looks at me?
Or is it the way she talks as well?
Or is it something that is beyond skin deep?
Is it simply the way that I can tell,

Anything to her and she won't judge,
She will always try and listen to me.
I find that very rare to find,
Someone who will continue to see,

The being that I truly am.
The human identity that doesn't hide.
The being that she can see through,
The true person that's me with an original side.

And yet we rarely talk anymore,
In some odd way, I don't know why.
So I enter my room and sit on my bed,
And close my eyes, and begin to cry.

I love her.
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