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Rated: 13+ · Serial · Comedy · #1095740
that's right, folks! time again for you to not get my jokes! huzzah!
okay so here we go...
the story so far (in fragments):
right now i live in gainesville, florida.
i moved here only two short weeks ago.
or something like that.
the days tend to sort of blur together most of the time.
i suppose i need to find a job, but i'm far too unmotivated at the moment.
i expect a requirement for money will change my attitude very shortly.
i live in a student-apartment thing with five girls.
most of them are in sororities.
it's not bad living here, i must admit.
i have been traveling a lot, back-and-forth, across florida the last month or so.
it is hectic, but also quite enjoyable.
i have a girl and a dog, both of which i love dearly.
i will not tell you either of their names.
you are creepy internet folk.
i am (obviously) just starting out on this website.
so far i find it to be obtuse and difficult to navigate.
but interesting.
so someone, anyone, please come and find me.
this is half distress signal and half warning shot.
come get you some knowledge from the coward.
if you can think of it, i've probably done it.
or at least i could pretend.
i guess that's all for now...
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