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Story of Story Goodness
The full moon Lit up the path through the garden as the young man hurried along. The mysterious note said to wait at the fountain. It was midnight and the young man stopped at the fountain and looked around. The garden was unnaturally silent; suddenly the young dark haired man heard a flock of birds scatter in the distance he turned his head slightly to the left and there was a tall dark figure in a black cloak. The young man held out the note, the cloaked man took the note and handed the young man a small package. The young man turned and ran back the way he came, back into the darkness.

Elvina quies sat in her chair staring out the window. She sighed as she watched a guard on patrol. Time went by ever so slowly and all she could do was sit there and listen to the silence of the Library. When the guard was out of sight she looked down at the knife sitting on the table and finally picked it up. She held it to her neck and ever so gracefully slid it across the soft supple skin. The red blood ran down her neck and bled over her white dress. After about a minute or 2 she slumped over in her chair and blacked out.

The moon was full when she was found. She had fallen out of her chair and her dress and hair were stained with blood. Her Blonde hair was now blood red. They started to pick her up, and she leapt up from her dead state and backed up against the wall. She looked completely horrified and slid down the wall huddling in a ball. The priest held out his cross and muttered some foreign language and then ran. The guards were soon to follow. She finally got the courage to stand and stumble over to the Mirror. There were no Physical Changes. Her eyes were still blue; her teeth were still normal. She wondered if she maybe was turned into a vampire but there were no physical changes to prove she was a vampire or anything UN-dead for that matter. The knife was still sitting on the floor where she dropped it, she picked it up and looked it over, and it looked like a normal kitchen knife stained with blood. She put it in her pocket and walked out of the library. She walked into the bathhouse and tried to wash the blood out of her hair and dress. The blood washed out of her dress, but her hair only turned full blood red, completely covering the blonde. She murmured to herself that she now felt a little smarter than before. She left the bathhouse and walked to her room. Her room was plain and simple: A dresser, bed, closet, candles on the walls. She had no pictures or knick-knacks that would point to the fact that this room was occupied by a 22-year-old female and has been occupied for the past 22 years by a female either. Elvina Changed into a Black and red Estate Gown and sat on her bed wondering what the hell happened that evening. ( http://images.google.com/imgres?imgurl=http://www.raspberryberet.com/megestate.JPG... ) She eventually fell asleep and awoke the next afternoon. The sun was reflected on the floor and she was up and trying too not to touch the sun, she was worried about burning up in the sun so she dodged the sun and walked down the hall. The priest saw her and again held up the cross and spoke in the foreign language. “Kommer seg ut av denne borg! Akkurat nå!” He screamed at her. She didn’t know what to do so she ran from the castle forgetting she was trying to dodge the sun. She soon realized that she was in the forest and didn’t burn up. The only thing she thought she could do was to go see her Best friend Nick the prince of Cheydenhall. She stopped in the town and walked into the general store. She managed to grab about 4000 Gil. She bought a short sword, a horse, and some food for her 3-day trip to Cheydenhall. She had no clue what happened to her but maybe he would know. She climbed on her horse and left the town. She was headed south and that’s the only thing Elvina knew. She was riding South towards the mountains as she approached a caravan also headed towards Cheydenhall. “Where are you headed miss?” asked the leader of the Caravan.
“I’m headed to Cheydenhall to see a friend of mine.”
“Join us then!” the man replied.
“Thank you; I am Elvina by the way.”
“I am William of Skyrim.” He replied.
She attached her horse to the caravan and took a seat next to William. They shared stories and she explained what happened how she was confused, and hopefully her friend could help.

The 2nd day of the journey Elvina began to feel sick. She threw up 4 times over the course of 3 hours. William was worried, as were the other travelers.

Elvina suddenly jolted awake and looked around only seeing a dark forest. She looked around where she apparently passed out and there was nothing. Had she really thrown up? Did William even exist? She got up and stumbled for a minute and then got her bearings and walked towards the nearest clearing. She almost screamed when she saw the bodies of William and his travelers. They were all lying there bloody and disfigured. She felt as if this were her fault but when she thought about it her head pounded in pain. She fell to the ground and she flashed in and out of consciousness. When she finally awoke it was day and she stumbled to her feet and looked over the bodies of her fallen comrades she wondered if she actually met them or not. She found a long sword, a bow, some arrows, and a leather Cuirass. She put on he leather armor and continued searching the wreck. She found some food in a chest and then continued on her journey after properly burying the bodies.

Darkness fell early that evening leaving the path dark and barely navigable. She stopped at a small clearing and set her equipment down. She had been worried about using up her only food supply so she decided to eat only when the hunger stopped her from continuing on her quest. Elvina started a small fire set up a bed out of some leaves and had some of the vegetables she scavenged out of the chest. The next morning she awoke to the light droplets of rain on her face and got up, and packed up her things. She looked around and wondered how far she was from a town or shelters for that matter and then continued onwards towards who knows where. After about 2 or so hours the rain started coming down a little heavier, causing her to increase her pace, she danced around puddles of water on the path and hid under trees to avoid the rain. Nothing helped. She was hopelessly soaked. Her clothes now weighed her down and she had to slow down to avoid fatigue. She climbed to the top of the hill and on the Horizon she saw a small village, she started down the hill. As she got closer to the village she saw a sign for the inn, so immediately she headed that way. Just before the town she stopped in front of the inn of good faith. She set her things down and asked for a room and a hot meal. “5 gil please ma’am” the innkeeper spoke. She smiled and handed him 10, told him to keep the change and took her room key. The room was small but cozy, it had a table, dresser, and a bed. Elvina sat her things on the table and took off the leather cuirass. As she was about to take off her dress, she heard a knock at the door. When she opened the door there was a gentleman standing there with a tray of hot food of which had Potatoes, chicken, bread, and some corn on it. She thanked the man and took the food, she sat at the table and began eating. She stuffed her face like she hadn’t eaten in weeks, when she cleared her plate she took off the wet dress, hung it to dry and climbed into the bed.

“It’s been forever since you have slept in a regular bed.”
“What do you mean its been forever?”
“When you were home…”
“Wake up!!”

She awoke suddenly to the sound of the birds chirping and the sunlight on her face. She climbed out of the bed and saw a figure standing in the door. She reached for the sword that she set next to the bed; it was gone. “You have spoiled the sanctity of this place by staying here. You must die!” Elvina had no clue what the shady figure meant, but she figured he wouldn’t talk had she asked. She grabbed an arrow from the Quiver that was still next to the bed. When the figure got close she threw the arrow, it hit directly in the chest. For a momentary second she felt as though she were a master archer but then realized it was still coming towards her. She almost shrieked but caught herself and decided if now was her time to go she would go down fighting. The figure raised the sword and she managed to dodge it as it came down in her direction. She studied her enemy as she moved around him. The only thing she could do was dodge his attacks. He may have looked agile, but in fact he was rather slow. She noticed a small dagger on his side and reached for it, as she did he swing again and she had to duck to avoid loosing her head. She reached for it again and this time was successful in attaining the weapon. She immediately stabbed the figure. He stumbled backwards and fell over a chair. She looked down at the body, it had one arrow in the chest and a dagger in the stomach. She pulled out the dagger and looked at it. It was of a design she had never seen before, the hilt was a sea serpent and the blade the tongue of a giraffe. She cleaned it off and stuck it in her bag. She gathered her other things and slipped out the back entrance. She saw a horse black as night stabled by the door. The horse was unbelievably calm when she approached it; most black horses were known to have a bad temper. She was amazed it was even saddled and ready to go, no issues at all if she decided to steal this horse. She looked around, the wilderness was unusually silent for early morning she thought to herself. Elvina climbed on the horse and rode off, hopefully heading towards Cheydenhall. Later that afternoon she finally arrived at the boarder to the kingdom of Baron. Cheydenhall lay just inside the border. She looked to the left and noticed wafts of smoke billowing from Cheydenhall. She immediately started moving towards the blaze when she heard a voice. “Elvina! Stop!” the voice, shouted. Elvina turned and saw the count, Nicholas, standing there.
“What the hell are you doing here?” he asked.
“I cam to find you.” she replied.
“Here is not a good place to be right now.”
“What happened?” Elvina asked.
“We were attacked, Demons. They came out of nowhere; I lost hundreds of good men, Families torn from their homes and slaughtered. I managed to escape in the hidden passage through the sewers, and I came out to find you.”
Elvina told him of what happened, how she tried to kill herself, her attacker at the inn, and William of Skyrim, She also spoke of the unusual priest’s at the castle.
“The priests at the castle told me, the day of apocalypse is coming. They also said a lady clad in darkness with blood red hair would cleanse the land of evil. They also spoke of an heinous deed she committed just days before the apocalypse.”
“What was the deed?” Elvina asked.
“She tried to kill her self,” replied Nicholas calmly.
“You don’t think… No, it couldn’t be, of all people? Wouldn’t that be awesome?”
“They as well spoke of 2 people standing beside her. A man, and another girl. The girl was born of the light. The man was born of royalty.” Nicholas spoke
“You don’t think, me and 2 others?” she spoke.
“You fit the description pretty well Elvina.”
“But the 2 others?” she questioned.
“Alas I was not born of royalty. I was born a commoners son on a farm in the far reaches of elvenwood so I cannot help you there, though I will stick by your side till the end, prophecy or not.”
“Thank you Nick. However, if I am part of this so called prophecy, where the hell do I begin?” she asked
“Some of the priests managed to escape to the chapel, we should ask them. They might have an idea.” Nick spoke as he climbed on his horse and rode up next to Elvina.

The two began the long ride towards the chapel. It was a bright and sunny afternoon. They conversed the whole way. It was a long ride, 4 hours or so until they finally arrived at the chapel of the blessed moon. The priests rushed them in. They were led down to a dark basement room where there were beds and plates of food set out. The priest that had led them down there told them this is a safe haven and they should remain here for now. The two agreed, and sat down and started eating the meal that was placed in front of them. The meal consisted of cooked potatoes, and turkey and a various assortment of vegetables. Halfway through their meal the door opens and a man dressed in white robes steps into the small room.
“Are you Lady Elvina?” he asked.
“Yes, I am Lady Elvina.” She replied
“I assume Nicholas has told you. We have known of this day for many many moons. However, we know only that there are 3 people who hoist up the power and you are one of them. The others…”
“We must find on our own.” Nick said.
“That is correct. They have no identifying birthmarks, scars, or physical anomalies”
“We just have to know in our hearts that it is destined to be.” Elvina replied
“Then you have realized…” The robed man spoke.
“Nicholas. We have to go.”
“Now Nicholas. We have to leave now. Thank you for your hospitality we really have to be going.
Elvina grabbed her stuff and was given some dried meat and vegetables to take with her on the trip. They saddled up and headed out. Elvina knew in her heart what she had to do. Everything was clear now. There cannot be light without darkness. The early scholars and elders spoke of a terrible daemon one who tore the land apart and caused widespread destruction and threw the land into a terrible cold many years of darkness. Finally one man stood against the beast. He was clad in the darkest of armor with an ebony blade. He stood alone. The beast scoffed him off and just then. His friends joined his side. He protested their help worried of their safety. They refused to leave his side. The 3 fought for hours and hours. Finally the man took one last swing. The daemon was defeated and sealed inside the dark now daemonic blade to trouble the earth no more.
“Where are we going Elvina?” asked Nicholas
“To Kyoto” Replied Elvina.
“That’s at least a days ride.”
“I know.”

They rode for about 6 more hours then had to stop. They fed the horses and themselves and decided the clearing where they had stopped was as good a place as any to set up camp for the evening. The next day was filled with more riding after about 5 more hours of riding they finally arrived in Kyoto. They immediately went for the palace to ask for help.
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