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Being so close to someone you can feel them when they are not there.
The heat from your words making me want your touch.
Closing my eyes dreaming of you.
Longing to be near you. Wanting, waiting for your sweet caress.
I feel your breath on my neck as you lightly kiss me there.
There where this vexing spirit lives.
Shivers rundown my spine,
our souls intertwining as one.
Passions rising, I feel you all over me as if you were my own skin.
This exploding festival of insatiable desire is too much to bear,
so deep inside me.
Wanting you more and more with each passing moment.
Only if you were next to me, wanting me, touching me, caressing me, holding me, trembling with me.
This feeling divulging the depths of my soul.
Taking me to the paradise of ecstasy.
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