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We are a proud country that stands tall in the face of danger. We fight fearlessly and stand for justice and freedom that isn’t always taken without a price. We fight diligently to protect ourselves from others that jeopardize us. We are one of the world’s mightiest countries. We are the United States of America.
Our country is one that stands for freedom and the utmost protection of its people. Anon said, “Tourists are terrorists with cameras. Terrorists are tourists with guns.” September 11, 2001 four commercial flights were hijacked. All of the passengers on three of those flights were convinced by the hijackers that it was a “routine” hijacking and that they were being flown back to the airport to get their demands met. Minutes later, around 9:00, one of those flights slammed mercilessly into the North Twin Tower where thousands of normal people had just gone to work. A second flight, only slightly later, struck the South Tower. Before we could react, the third flight hit our military’s pride- the Pentagon. While we sat there, stunned, a fourth flight was hijacked, United Airlines Flight 93 from New Jersey to San Francisco. Forty men and women were herded to the rear of the aircraft while hijackers took control. Realizing before it was too late that this wasn’t a “routine” hijacking these men and women took the chance that they knew could be the end. Thirteen minutes into this hijacking, family members said good-bye as the flight began to fight back. But fifteen minutes airtime from our nation’s capital Flight 93, at 580 miles per hour, slammed into the ground. Not one of those brave men or women survived. The flight that fought back showed everyone in the world what true courage and bravery is. So if you ask me why I am proud to be an American, look back on our country’s history and all of the people who have died for our freedom. Their ultimate sacrifice is the source of my pride.
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