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This was my entry into a poetry contest marked - Animals and Pets
My dislike for animals I confess this now
I hate them all from Beaver to Cow
The fur, the scales too many legs and tails
A detesting thought like chalkboard and nails!

Fish are bad, and green slime makes them sad
The stupid creatures it makes me so mad
What did they do before they had our care?
Cats and dogs all wild, who groomed their hair?

Snakes and Spiders on show behind glass
A pleasant thought, where they belong at last
This kingdom of creatures belongs to me too
Not the Rabbits or Mice and all their pooh

What I hate most of all, of all of these things
Is the ungrateful critters with the little stings
They will swarm at your buffet, beer and all
Then attack their hosts either big or small

What I tell you now is harsh but true
Animals are evil, and greedy, so what do we do?
We cuddle them up, we leave food as the bait
Then we set our trap and only need wait

These Rabbits and Cats, all the creatures you love
All the birds: the pigeons, the sparrows and the dove
They will look for a second into your loving eyes
The detonation switch, in your hand, an explosive surprise.
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