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This is a first draft poem based on a dream. The begining needs help.
"these dreams go on
when its' cold outside
these dreams go on
when i close my eyes
every second iM awake i live another life."

Once upon a time...
there was a young woman Alice named,
and alice was the sweetest thing
loving and kind.
in a garden filled with flowers vines and leaves
there was no pain
beauty was no malice..
and the joy was rain.

One day a man came said Alice
got to run
there's a fire filled with pain
and your name
and it's coming
from the sky

alice you've got to
your home to be
in flame
or you
will surely die

and her friends cried out her
and some hung back in
as it hurtled from the

BUT some they
cried alice , alice
we love you.

As Alice flew
out through the

and our warriors struggled on as Alice sang her lonely song
If i should die before i wake
i wonder if my soul
will break?
If i should wake before i die
must i always wonder why?

and the angel told them y
Alice will/ may surely
alice light shine
much 2 bright
and in her heart there's
a new start
of which we all may
play a part
eternity may fly
straight from a love filled

but everyone MUST

how do we know
it's not an
alice/and beloved whispered near

Still the warriors struggled on
for they really had to try
through sickness
famine too

Eating mushrooms
falling down a rabbit hole
In the jungle
desert too

in the struggle some they
but still our angels

As the fire filled with pain
came hurtling
missing alice
in the rain

On the edge of a cliff
on a ledge
came the fire
filled with pain
a devil whispering
alice name

as alice nearly falls
hears her lonely calls
swoops in from above
which fills her heart with

running in and out of caves
holding back the dark abyess
alice heart is
filled with bliss

batman tries
then batman flies
and tries to
tell her something true
his heart is too blue

and our devil
grey and blue
calls to alice and to
metal man in pain
alice name.

and our heros..
all fall down
in the water with
no sound

and our devil
(whose IN pain)
says to alice
have you no shame?
here i called and called your name

don't u know this thing is true?
that i kill me
cause i
kill u?
from me there is no free.
for i am part of
(and we need the
key, inside u)

Didn't batman tell u?

and alice saw what was true.
them expldoing
both in pain
bits and pieces me and u
and she swam through through
and she struggled through 2 find a way to
save the day
drawing it from friends away...
and to end it's hunger pain

she swam into the cave
and willed away
but alice
died anyway

his quarry trapped that way
bullets/ missles flew away (tired)
taking with them?
all his pain
Alice ' (all hearts broken blue)
alice.. he cried...and he tried to save
her 2
seeing what he'd done alice is the only one
alice i love u...
alice torn assunder too
in the fire.. in the pain. in the flowers
of her name
as the spasms rip her through..
all the flame

Does it matter? is it true?
Did alice die 4 u?

when hero isn't true
and the villian is you
and isn't true/is true... but

in the shadows of the light
and in the dieing soul take flight
theres a little you
an me

and Alice dieing
Lost in pain
sees we
the rain.

"rage rage agianst the dying of the light.. do not go softly into that great night."

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