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by Wrenja
Rated: 13+ · Draft · Fantasy · #1098888
After reality has been altered, how can one girl function in this strange new place?
Please, feel free to tear this apart. Grammar, punctuation, whatever, I'd like to hear it. I am a little comma crazy, so it'd be appreciated. Also, this is the first piece in a series, the number at top is only in reference to the tarot card.




         Reality had shifted. The world had found itself in a strange place upon the twelfth hour of that night, as two found themselves blissfully unaware, instead their eyes closed and each clinging to the other as if they were the only two in existence. They laid tangled together under the dark sheets, illuminating a hazy plum color by the light of the moon. His fingers traveled slowly against her skin, pulling close. A soft murmur escaped her lips, resting against his throat, as she dozed in his arms.
         Serene and silent as the world around them changed, the moon's light slowly passing over the room through a large set of open picture windows, casting menacing shadows. The ebony of the four poster bed in which they lay seemed to almost burn an inky blackness, trying in vain to resist change while guarding over it's sleeping stead, blanket pushed down to the floor and sheet hugging closely to their bodies. Despite it's best efforts the bed began to distort along with everything else in the room, quietly changing form, expanding and lengthening to a fantastic proportions. The kiss of taint creeping silently over the room, only the purity of the lover's touch remaining.
         The wind began to pick up, almost tentatively, pushing the wide picture windows open further than they had been. The drapes whipping up dramatically in tornados of purple and grey gauze, as if announcing some yet unseen being. Shining like sunlight upon the pair, the moon shown brightly catching the diamond of an engagement ring, though not disturbing them as they slept. A mewling could be heard faintly from below the window of an obviously terrified cat as the shadows began to move of their own accord. Darting helter skelter through the room, defying the moon's piercing light, they grew in number and size before clustering around the bed, near silent but repulsive, gutteral noises emanating from their unformed masses.
         A groan from the creaking wood of the bed echoed through out the room, walls expanding and contracting with no rhyme or reason, confusion and chaos laying their hands over the fabric of this reality. She whimpered in fitful dreaming as her dreams slowly became infected, her lover's arms wrapping protectively around her body as she squirmed, discomfort growing thick in the air. Their bodies instinctually responding to the looming threat, curling close, their hold on each other desperate and frightened as slivers of silvery blackness shot into the room.
         A figure formed slowly, the shape of a tall, thin man blotting out the light of the moon, dulling the shine of the ring. The creatures excited as he appeared before them, a smirk laying on his thin lips and malefic intent in his eyes, their restless movement rising in a cacophony as their master stood before them.
"She's the one. Take her my pets."
         His silvery eyes watched the stygian black creatures jump from the floor to the bed. An oily trail left by each as they pulled themselves across the sheets, latching onto the girl, their foul bodies slithering against her skin as they enveloped her in their foulness. Only blackness remained where her body had once lay, the form quivered and contorted, the remaining of the two lovers recoiling in unconscious disgust. His full lips whimpered for his lost love. The man closed his eyes, pleased with how events had unfolded and pointed out the widow.
"You know where to take her, do not stray from your path for even a moment."
         With that the creatures broke apart, their forms shooting like bullets out of the room into the dark night, their bodies crudely formed in a shape reminiscent of a bat. Nothing but a slick of oily tar left in their place. The stain slowly spreading across the bed, leaving only one. He writhed uncomfortably, kicking and squirming in his sleep, fighting off some unseen adversary.
         From the window, the man watched the scene, a cruel laugh breaking the icy silence. As if from no where, he produced a single card from the air, framed by arcane symbols etched in silver. The card caught what little light remained in the room, levitating above his hand as he recited a quiet but threatening spell over the card causing it to tear, a red glow encompassing it and seeming to sink into the card's form. He caught the two pieces between his fore and middle fingers, flinging them over to the bed. They landed perfectly, a scene depicting two lovers had been skillfully ripped apart in what seemed to be a heartbeat.
         The man turned, his eyes to the moon, while the world fought the curse that had been placed upon it. For a moment things stilled, as he jumped out of the window, into the blackness of the early morning. There seemed to be a collective sigh of relief as the being disappeared from this plane of existence. Buildings and objects slowly returning to their original shape, though the putrid stench of evil lingered, a reminder of the wrong that had been done. Love stolen and innocence lost, the confusion and subtle effects of chaos remained, reveling in the possibilities.
         And he slept, unaware what the morning would bring.

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