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Dyslexia in High School and in Adults.
This is the last and final part of Warning Signs of Dyslexia. We commonly relate dyslexia to preschool and elementary students, but you can also find signs of dyslexia in High School students and even in adults. These are the warning signs of dyslexia in High School and in Adults. Please refer to the previous columns written about this topic.

High School:

All signs seen in elementary school and preschool in addition to:

-Limited vocabulary
-extremely poor written expression
-unable to master a foreign language
-difficulty reading printed music
-poor grades in many classes
-may drop out of high school

In Adults:

Education background similar to above, in addition to:

-slow reader
-may have to read a page twice or more to understand it
-terrible speller
-difficulty putting thoughts onto paper
-still has difficulty with right versus left
-often gets lost, even in a known city
-sometimes confuses b and d, especially when tired or sick

Keep track of your child's progress in school. Ask your child's teacher which skills your child is lacking and discuss openly your concerns. Your child's education is an invaluable investment...take time to to find resources if your child has been struggling in early elementary grade levels; and give your child support and encouragement throughout his or hers learning process.

Yamilette Rodriguez

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