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This is basically a poem about a poet's struggles.
Crying tears of a man who has toiled
Day in and day out
Through rain or through snow
In light...and in darkness

Complacency comes at an infinite price
For one such as me
The pencil hurts my hand
But I have adjusted to the pain

Silence is what I have been accustomed to
Few friends border my circle of darkness
Friends keep my chains up
My writing sets me free

Feelings of love and hate
Agony and bliss
Are all instilled in my writing
My poetry is my heart

And you can see that
From looking at my eyes
My heavy and drowsy eyes
Apathetic and uncaring they are

But I care about my writing
The only thing that keeps me sane
I instill my emotions in them
I pour my very heart out

I was once a man
Who lived an unrestrained life
Uncontrolled and free-spirited was I
And bright was my future

But then there was that day
The day I let my guard down
And all of a sudden, my life came crumbling down
My heart was torn apart in pieces

So now I scour the earth
Woe and calamity follow my soul
I long to end my journey, once and for all
Until then, I am bound to my writing...
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