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Aliens invade during the Vietnam War (Incomplete)
The men of the 82nd Airborne squad, out of Fort Bragg, North Carolina, woke in the early pre-dawn hours of February 12th, 1971.

"Saddle up! Let's get moving, boys," Sergeant Johnson lit a cigarette and checked his weapons, making sure they were fully loaded and ready to use.

The eight men under him rose quickly, lighting cigarettes and doing their usual morning rituals. Lieutenant Calver dug his John Wayne from his pack and opened a can of ham and eggs.

The armor, Sergeant Jameson, loaded his M-16 and checked his .45 to make sure it was also fully-loaded. They were ready to start patrols. Today their mission was to find a VC radio station and make sure Charlie could no longer use it for communication.

Sergeant Johnson was proud of the young men under his command. They were strong and brave, the best of the best. He went over the mission details with them and then they trooped off into the jungle, swatting mosquitoes and swearing about the heat and humidity. Another normal, if you can use that term here, day in Vietnam.

They quietly trooped through the jungle, keeping their eyes and ears open to danger. Suddenly, Sergeant Jameson fired a shot from his handgun, into the tree above Lieutenant Rogers. Rogers jumped.

"What the hell, Jameson!" he exclaimed, spinning around angrily.
"One-stepper," Jameson replied, cooly.

Rogers paled. "Thanks, bro."

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