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Something I wrote years ago. I have been searching for its next of kin ever since.
The teacher opened the door.

He got in after the students.

It was a big room, black and metallic. In the middle was a sphere in the middle, floating with a red glow.

When they reached the sphere, the teacher said, "Well, class, this is it. The light of creation."

The students murmured among themselves.

"Can anyone tell me what is a physical world?"

No one said anything.

The teacher picked one.

"The physical worlds consists of four dimensions. Length, width, height, time."

The teacher nodded, "That is correct."

"The physical world is compared with the unphysical world, or the unbalanced world as some of the scholars call them."

"When we move beyond the physical world, we are actually move above the laws of physics. Before the first transformation, our primitive ancestors have defined the unphysical world as chaos, the absent of laws. But now, we know that is not true. When we reached beyond the physical world, we have seen the next dimension as the thread dimension. A dimension that are like a string of pearls. Each pearl is a universe to itself, with its own unique characteristics and its own time."

"Each of these universes are related to one and another with a unique thread. When we do space travel today, we are actually jumping out of our universe and diving back in again. Then a long time after the discovery of the unphysical world, we had thought nothing of the sixth dimension. That is the dimension of creation."

He turned around and faced the red sphere.

"The discovery of the light of creation is quite by accident. Whenever we do the space travel, we are actually punching a hole in our physical world. And yet, the hole was always mended afterwards. And as the worlds in the thread dimension can exist in a fluid motion, it was never observed to have two universe colliding with each other. Now, what will happen if we continue to punch a hole at the same region of the space at almost the same time, over and over? Our scientist was able to actually got a blob of golden light. And that is the light of creation. It was literarily the fabric of all universes. It not only mends the holes in the universes, it can also create a universe."

"Here is the project for today. I am going to snatch a thread of the light of creation, and create a universe in the thread dimension. Your assignment will be to observe through its own time, the birth, expansion, and contraction and death of the universe itself. Then after you are all done, I will go back in time to snack the thread of light before it forms the universe and return it to the lab here. Any questions?"

As the two boys and the girl watched through window, the single light went into the golden thread, and bulged up until it was almost transparent.

Then as the new born universe expands, they could see the sparks of galaxies inside.

"Well, class, you may enter the universe now. Now you have to remember, once you have entered the physical world, the laws of physics will take hold of you. You can move back and forth in time, but whatever you are doing in there, you may not be able to undo it."

The three kids punched through the graviton field protecting the universe, and entered in. Then they observed through the screen the golden light sealed the opening behind them.

Then they wandered through the universe and seeing the rapid developing of galaxies and planets. After they took notes, they moved their spacecraft into one of the galaxies. The boy decided to do something dangerous. Instead of punch through the normal space to move forward in time, he aimed the craft at one of the black hole.

The black hole was already like a needle point in the dent of the graviton field, as the craft reached its horizon, the boy activated the anti-graviton field. Suddenly deprived of its restrain, the little piece of rock at the bottom of the dent shot out of the universe like a bullet. But it was caught by the golden light before it could go beyond its universe. As the spacecraft shot after it, it had received enough energy from the light to regain its mass, and suddenly it exploded like a firecracker and rejuvenated back into a red sun.

The shock wave of the explosion almost shattered the anti-graviton generator on the spacecraft, and it sent the spacecraft backwards through half of the galaxy.

"Stop it, you three, " The angry teacher's voice could be heard through the speaker, "you almost destroyed the universe with your little stunt. If that rock is any heavier, the light of creation may not be able to fix it and the whole universe will implode on itself, and taken the whole lot of you with it!"

"If you don't cut it out, I will have to give you three a failing grade and yank you out of there!"

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