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The concept of an all powerful being. The one true fear of artists and entrepreneurs.
The Critic

Allow me to introduce myself.
I am The Critic.
My real name you ask?
Well let’s just say I go by scores of identities and my gender varies.

You can find me easily as I am everywhere there is something that can be judged.
I am above all gods and demons, for they to can be dissected and must bow to my point of view.
There is no escaping my opinions so do not try. I will grace you if I am pleased and destroy you if I am annoyed.
It all depends on the type of day I am having and swings precariously in the balance of what I am akin to.

For example:

If I do not agree with your political point of view I will dismiss you.
I will not try and understand your trials and tribulations.
I do not need to put myself in your shoes.
My shoes are much better than yours.

If the music you listen to is not to my liking I will rip it to shreds.
I have no desire to be cultured to your harmonies when the composition is clearly inferior to my taste.

Where you live and why you live there are of no consequence to me.
I will not gaze from your vantage point. My view will always be superior!

I am the one who makes your work worthless, your opinions pathetic and your struggles pointless.
Ah the power is tremendous and the perks are scandalous.

The dinners I have had and the gifts I am given are always appreciated. I especially enjoy the ones involving human interaction, if you know what I mean.
But in the end they cannot sway my enthusiasm for total control and the finality of my verdict.
I can destroy a business with the stroke of a pen in the morning paper.
I can ruin a career with a single bad review.
I am the one true fear of artists and entrepreneurs.

I am the Critic!
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