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A step towards the burning desires deep within ......

Rain of Love

Imagine the two of us ~
in a rainstorm.
The water slowly,
In a bead storm
Like a dew drop, on a petal
From the most exotic flower,
The water glistens
On your sweet moist lips
Your damp, unbound hair
Like a tender veil
Across your tender face
A vision so perfect
A deep desire,
My hand
Slowly caressing your face
Kissing down
Slowly on your neck
The taste,
So sensual,
So exotic
Kisses ever so wet
Your ripe swollen nipples
My tongue
Dances with sweetness
Dances on our naked bodies
Passion fills the air
My tongue
Exploring every inch of you
Your swollen lips
The taste ~
Most intoxicating juices
My tongue deep inside you
Your body quivering
Licking all of your love juice.
My tongue
Never tasting such pleasure
Passion throbbing
Every motion in ecstasy
Entering you
So Moist
The feeling so erotic
The sexual charge uncontrollable
With each push, hitting a higher level
The explosion from our juices
Hit with a tremendous passion
Drenched in rain
Drenched in sex
Drenched in love
I will be.

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