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Keep in mind that pretty much everything in the poem is symbolism.
A collage of memories, outlined in pen
Keeping track of every thought
And all that follow
Photographs in each other's arms
Laced in wonder
Kiss entwined, and a prayer is given
And with eyes closed, we ask of God
That this short lived ecstacy shall live to our dying breath
A prayer where the answer sleeps with time
At dusk, we dream they may be awoken
And at dawn, in our own wake
We'll stare into the mirror, but look into each other's eyes
Our intimate that holds our hearts and laughter

I will always remember
When we kissed on that bridge
Adorned with the blessings of the sky
It knew the sanctuary of the moment
I will never forget
When we first made love
Intimate and self-sacrificing
Passionate and euphoric
Alas, a kiss greets it's fate
(to kiss you once more..)
To last into Ever's abyss
A river that did not cower to the ocean
The kiss that fell far too short

Take this as a token of my gratitute
Kiss it and make a wish
Throw it into the fountain
And watch the ripples it makes
As it journeys to the depths
Find solace in this haven
That I so delicately carved for you
Close your eyes and stare at the stars
Look at the picture they've drawn for us
A picture of ourselves
Kissing in a humble night's sky
Listen to this song
Hear this tune I wrote for you
A melody of violin and harp
Does it take you by the soul,
As firmly as you've held mine?
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