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What do YOU really celebrate? Just my opinion.
As a quick note I would like people to notice that this is a monologue. Therefore you have agreed to read my opinion. Most of the negative comments I've received have to do with the fact that people disagree with me. That says nothing about my writing. I'm just blowing off steam. It's your choice to read this or not.

All right let me explain real quick why I'm writing this. What really put me over the edge was the huge number of people who had come to church Sunday(Dec 24th) morning that I know don't normally come. It got me thinking why would they come today if they don't come any other time? Then I realized the answer was simply- guilt. Thats right I said guilt. Now for those of you who haven't figured it out yet Christmas is a Christian holiday(notice the word CHRIST in both Christmas and Christian). Christmas is a celebration of the birth of Christ, so following logic, only Christians should celebrate Christmas. But where is Jesus in all the hubbub of the holidays? If we are celebrating His birthday then shouldn't we invite Him? If you celebrated Christmas this year was Christ at the center of the party? Probably not. Like most people you probably got up spent time with family, opened gift upon gift, then stuffed yourself silly. And maybe like those people who came to church for the first time all year on Sunday you went and got your yearly dose of God sometime in the last week to try and justify yourself. But understand one thing. If you didn't celebrate Christ then you CAN'T have celebrated Christmas. Going to church once or twice a year does not make you a Christian. Christian literally means "one who is Christ-like". If you celebrated Christmas today can you honestly say that you are Christ-like? Did Christ only worship God once or twice a year like those unknown faces? Today millions of Christians have celebrated Christmas. Today millions of other people have celebrated something- but what? Not Christmas- they aren't Christians. Ahhh but they did get gifts- lots of them. And we have all been bombarded with advertisements lately. So for those non-Christians who were celebrating today I guess the only thing to say is Merry Commercialism to all and to all a good night.

PS KitKat wrote a rebuttal- which all of you should read. I understand that most people celebrate Christmas as a time to join with family- and I'm all for that. And so that people don't think I'm so high and mighty; yes I did get presents for Christmas, and I gave presents too. And after rereading and KitKat's response I don't think I made one thing quite clear. Maybe everyone isn't celebrating commercialism, it just seems that way. Like KitKat most people probably view this as a time to be with family. But think of what you are doing to one of the most important holidays to Christians. You have essentially taken a religious holiday and said, "That doesn't matter enough for me to care" You are essentially committing sacrilege. I suppose my main gripe is the liberties people take with Christmas and Easter. Like right now it is Ramadan for Muslims, and Hanukah just recently for Jews. I know so many people who would be highly offended if someone were to treat those religious holidays the way people treat Christmas. For some reason the pc sensitivity has reached everywhere except to Christians. All that I really suggest is that if you don't profess faith in the religion that a holiday belongs to don't celebrate the holiday. Why celebrate something you don't believe?
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