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In Memory of Soldiers' that has died!
At Fort Stewart we have a side walk, with tree’s planted on each side.
Each tree is planted, in memory of a soldier that has giving their all.
This poem is about a tree dedication ceremony that I went to.
A tree dedication that I will never forget! Not one name, or two,
But 23 names were read one by one. They will never be forgotten!


Warrior’s they will always be.

We are standing, as the families walked.
Grieving families walked, not a single person talked.
We come together to grieve, and show sadness within.
Tears rolled down my face, and landed on my chin.
23 families, walked down this sidewalk.
When everyone was seated, the guest speaker, started to talk.
23 names are called out, one by one.
Trees were planted, in memory of a daughter, or a son.
Death did not judge by age, or by weight.
Why did death, have to be their fate?
A memory stone lies, at the base of each tree.
Each soldier fought for freedom, so we could be free.
They never said, I can’t, they said I will.
They enlisted in the Army, but not for the thrill.
Each soldier crossed over land, and sea.
Warriors they will always be, now their jobs are done.
The Army’s finest, are walking into the setting sun.
Taps is played,
As the sun fades away.

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