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by Lvyn
Rated: 13+ · Lyrics · Military · #1102126
a song a bout what else
Blades clash and weapons bash, ending entity
Illusion, delusion, building animosity
War bells ring and ’munitions sing,
its breaking our soul
The War hawks and padlocks,
nothing's left whole
orders crossed and meanings lost,
what's left under the sun
prayers said and angers fed,
is there no where left to run

What has become of us?
Who left us alone?
Like children we play,
cracking the stone
we've lost our path,
nor have we a way home
Doomed on this earth,
for a time shall we roam
lo, may this journey end
on that do we intend
for the the balence we all share
the truth of which we're aware
how petty must we be,
that war is our way
to an end we see
all is left in disarray

Shadows fog and hell's prologue
tis time to take the test
we had our chance and made our advance
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