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Patron Saint Of....

And we both know that I fake things
so good that I am beyond fake
yeah and am I the patron saint
of liars and fakes?
I never thought you'd become so bitter
hate me so much but I was wrong.
Your burden will be gone as I walk away.

Yes, we both know that in the end
nothing good stays forever
you can leave me but I left you along time ago
yeah you know you called it...
I'm the patron saint of burning bridges
this life has made you so cold, now
I'm left to burning another bridge again

Burning our bridge and its so misleading
which part of me is lost now?
time moves faster than I can
and I'm the fake sitting on my lunacy phringe
with all of my regrets I'll take the pain of payment
trust is broken by you again,
cutting me open like a knife leaving me branded and weak.

Oh how I'm the patron saint of quitters
does it make you happy?
does it render you numb?
you are still bitter
'cause I'm far from lonely without you
you say "I'm the patron saint of F*** Up's"
but we both know how it works by now.

fading away into emptiness
nothingness just a shadow,
of who I was then and what I am now
I'm not your pawn anymore
you don't own me, you never did
and you still say I'm your patron saint of...?!

I'm your patron saint of everything,
I'm your patron saint of anything!!!

Songs that inspired this poem?

From First to Last+"Note to Self"

The Used+ "I'm a Fake"+ "All That I've Got"+ "Lunacy Phringe"

My Chemical Romance+"Thank You for the Venom"+"Hang 'Em High

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