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2nd place in "Speak to the World" contest. Talks about why we must help the poor.
Why we must help the poor

Everyone who is on this site has access to the Internet. Have you ever thought that this makes you one of the lucky few who enjoy such things? The fact that we have even access to the internet is lucky. The fact that we even live the life that we are in now is considered lucky. The fact that we can write amazing stories and that we know what a noun and a verb is should be considered lucky. The fact that we even have shoes for our feet so we can walk without having them get blisters is considered lucky.

Because while we are living this life that we take for granted, there is a family, or a kid, or a parent, or an adult living in very poor conditions that we can't imagine. Sure we see them on TV, but now imagine you in those person's shoes. Imagine for 1 year starving everyday, looking for food in some garbage dump, and only having one piece of clothing for yourself. And tell me this; what prevented us from growing up in some developing country and having nothing?

It was LUCK. WE are lucky to be living the life that we have now. We could've been the random person who was born in a continent like Africa where there is widespread hardship and famine.

There are families who are born in some rural area who have not even a house. They don't have money. They don't have a PENCIL so that they can write poetry or stories. They don't have the education to write a grammatical sentence. They began with nothing and they still have nothing. They began with nothing. Does your stomach squirm at the thought? Well it should, because YOU could've been them.

But of course we shouldn't help the poor right? They don't do anything good. They don't help the economy. They don't make people's lives easier when they are asking for our help, and we just want to be left alone. It's their fault they have nothing.

WRONG. It can't be their fault if they were born with nothing. And only people who are ignornant and uneducated would say that we shouldn't help them. Why is that? Because they haven't stepped into the shoes of someone who has nothing and yet has to feed their entire family. Those people are trying to survive. You telling me you wouldn't do that if you were in their situation? We are use to eating three meals a day, but those people that live in any place in the world would be lucky to have ONE piece of any FOOD. Now imagine trying to separate that piece of food for a family of four for the entire day.

There is more then one way to help someone who has nothing. Money or clothing alone can help someone have a chance of continuing their life forever. Even a bit of time can make someone's life turn around. It's amazing how little things can turn out to be such big things for not only people who are living in poverty, but for everyone else around the world. A simple dollar, or a piece of clothing, or even glasses so someone can see 20/20 for the first time, or even helping someone by carrying something for them because it's too heavy for them. That's what I mean by helping the poor. There are so many ways to do it, to give someone a chance.

I remember when I was walking the streets of Downtown Toronto. It was a sunny day and I was going to Sam the Record Man which is a music store. As I was walking there a chinese boy and a Chinese girl came up to me and asked if I had spare change. I checked my pocket and had about 17 cents. Not needing that money I placed it inside the cup the boy was holding and smiled down upon them. They said thank you in Chinese and ran down the street. Curious, I decided to watch where they were running to. They finally stopped in front of an old lady who was leaning on a garbage can sitting down. There were flies that were moving around her head, and she barely had the strength to lift up her head. The brother and sister (I assumed) then gave their money to her and kissed her on either side of the cheek. As they moved off to another group of people, I read the sign the old lady was holding. It said:

When you see those two children asking for change, please give, because they are my life. I might not live much longer so I hope you can give my children a future since I can't.

We don't realize how lucky we are. We should help the poor so that way they can grow up with the necessities for life. Because they are unlucky to be born into a situation such as the one they are living in now. NO ONE should be born in a situation where you have to see their son or daughter die before themselves. Those people are HUMAN. We are human. And the only reason why we are different is because of how unique every individual is, and of where we are born in the world.

So please, realize this. We are here because we are lucky. Lucky to be born in an area where we are safe, nourished, and educated. Those people that live in such poverty are not lucky. They are fellow human beings. We have to save their lives because we could've easily been in that situation.

Please think about it. Thank you.
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