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FLASH FICTION - urban legends
Sometimes It's True

The lone car parked deep under the shadows of "Lover's Lane" had the usual fogged over windows as well as two pretty steamed up teenagers inside.

The boy suddenly sat upright. “Listen,” Arnold said, “what was that sound?”

“Forget it, Arnold!” Betty laughed. “I’m not falling for any funny business! I’ve heard the legend about the Lover’s Lane Slasher. I KNOW it’s just a story so guys can score.”

“No, really!” Arnold cautioned, slowly rolling his window down a crack. “I swear I heard something out there.”

“Oh bullshit!” Betty sat up and adjusted her buttons. “I don’t care what you say Arnold, I am NOT getting in the back seat!”

“No, seriously.” Arnold shook his head. “I’m not trying anything, I did hear something, it sounded like someone crying.”

“Seriously, Arnie?” Betty glared. “If you’re just fucking around trying to get into my pants, I’m going to throttle you!”

“I am serious Betty,” Arnold said, easing the driver’s side door open. “I really did hear something. I’m going to go look around.”

“Are you out of your freakin’ mind?” Betty gasped, grabbing Arnold’s arm. “You know the worst thing a person does in all the slasher movies, is to go look around alone.”

“Relax, Betty.” Arnold laughed. “There are no boogeymen, I just want to go see what that sound was.”

“Okay,” Betty said, “but I’m locking the doors and turning on the headlights until you get back.”

“Good idea,” Arnold said, “but by the way, after I get back from checking out the boogeyman, I expect some kind of reward.”

“Yeah right.” Betty laughed again. “I knew you were just trying to scare me.”

As Arnold stepped from the car, the window behind Betty suddenly exploded inward as a large hand lunged in, grabbing her by the hair. Another large hand with a knife followed, slicing through her neck. Arnold didn’t get another step before the second dark form grabbed him from behind.
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