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When I behold his splendor, it takes my breath away,
He wraps me in strong arms, at the end of each day.
I loosen his long, raven black hair, with trembling fingertips,
I adoringly kiss his full sensuous lips,
He is my proud Cherokee Brave, he makes me smolder with passion,
His caramel skinned sleekness, puts my passion into action.
My ivory white hands, lovingly caress,
His gorgeous caramel body, that creates such happiness.
His brooding dark eyes, drink me in,
My aqua blue eyes, stray to his big need, making him grin.
I begin to kiss and lick, his massive caramel chest,
His strong hands, cup the fullness of my soft, white breasts.
He firmly lays me on my back, now he will take charge,
He is my gentle giant, he dwarfs me, he is very large.
My fingers grasp his hair, pulling him to me for a kiss,
He is my Velvet Passion, this man I can't resist!
His passion catches fire, his kiss burns my lips,
My womanflower glistens with dew, as within me he slips.
My warrior stakes his claim, thrusting again and again,
He evokes such magic, I wish this moment to never end!
Soon the time has come and he fills me with his seed,
My body drinks it in, sating my hunger and need.
My Caramel Warrior, lies peacefully, still buried in snow,
His body is my blanket, I cling and won't let go!
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