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you cannot please everyone because not everyone sees you the same
I am the past, the present, and the future.
I am the reflection of you and every
other living being in this world and out.
I am the hope and the despair-
the love and the hate.
I am the water, the fire, the earth, the sky,
and the wind.
I am the song and the silence-
the laughter and the tears.
I am the young and the old-
the new and the shattered.
I am the spring, the summer, the autumn,
and the winter.
I am the darkness but tainted by light;
I am the light but extinguished.
I am the caged but free;
I am the free but enslaved.
I am all yet nothng;
I am nothing yet all.
I am the heart, the mind, the soul,
and the spirit.
I am the victory and the defeat-
the wish and the nightmare.
I am the sun and the moon-
the risen and the fallen.
I am the born and the dead;
I am the wanted and the disowned;
I am the needed and the exiled.
I am the whole and the torn-
the strong and the weak.
I am the pleased and the angry-
the calm and the violent.
I am the beginning and the end, yet I have never existed;
I am here and there, yet I am nowhere.
I am who you want me to be.
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