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Just a better introduction about me and how I came to love reading again.
Greetings Lords and Ladies,

         My name is Sir William II and I hail from South Sumter Middle School in the school district of Sumter. I was knighted on November 17, 2001 in the Royal Order of Chivalry, but since the armor and weapons are not considered socially acceptable in most venues, I shall tell you of my forced reality. My colleagues call me B.J., the lady who hired me called me Bill, the state calls me William, the internet calls me SirWilliamII@writing.com, and my school appointed pages call me Mr. Kugler. As you can see, I answer to just about anything, and while ‘late’ does seem more appropriate for my middle name, instead of Jeffrey and Charles, I request that you just don’t call ‘late for dinner’ for such a horrible lie that would be. Speaking of names, a gorgeous lady very close to me just changed her last name from Lee to Kugler this past summer and now teaches at the same institution from which I hail.

         I speak of Viscountess Lisa simply to lead into one of the numerous blessings that she has brought to my life. After being forced to read Johnny Tremain in 6th grade, I had been absolutely, resolutely, and solidly opposed to reading. That was until my lovely Lady got me interested in the Harry Potter series 14 years later. I had a slight interest due to the movies, but it wasn’t until I saw her engrossed in the 6th book of the series that I decided I would try reading for pleasure once more. Upon cracking the first book, I have seldom been seen without something to read. I read all of the Harry Potter books in about a week and a half and then finished The Chronicles of Narnia. Moving from there to a variety of books ranging from The Screwtape Letters to The Lamb to a large collection of Dean Koontz novels. Inspired by one of my wife’s students I went back to fantasy with “The Underland Chronicles.” I could never forget my journey with the rabbits from Watership Downs and I look forward to devouring the sequel once I find it. I have just finished Eragon and Eldest with my only complaint being that now I’m waiting for a second series of books to be finished. In between novels, I have read several books out of the Bible from the New Living Translation. This is currently where I am awaiting my next papered adventure.

         My newfound enthusiasm for a subject that I once abhorred, has bled into my classroom as I have begun not only focusing on teaching reading, but also reading to my students. This has been an exciting journey for my students for they are unable to read themselves. I teach the ESE Self-Contained class and my students range from non-verbal autistic to EMH (Educable Mentally Handicapped). By reading to them Accelerated Reader books that they are later able to take a test on, I am raising their listening comprehension skills which must be increased for their reading comprehension to increase. We began with Pirate Slave, and then I couldn’t help myself – I had to read them Harry Potter and the Sorcerer’s Stone. I followed that fantasy by showing them a snap shot of the frontier days with Old Yeller with a large discussion of reality and make believe. For fun I tried to freak them out with R.L. Stine’s Sunburn, but to no avail as the suspense barely kept their attention. I next tried a classic - George Orwell’s Animal Farm, and as expected it was nothing more than a cute story with talking animals for them with no political implications. We have just finished the year with GREGOR the Overlander which left my students a bit confused with all of the giant cockroaches, spiders, and rats. I won’t even try to tell you how hard it was to describe translucent skin and violet eyes. Reading has become enjoyable to me, informative and fun for my students, and I hope that reading this has proven interesting to you.

May the Lord Bless Thee as You Journey Through Writing.Com Reading and Reviewing,
Sir William II

P.S. I would like to seriously thank the person who gave me an upgraded membership; it was truly an unexpected blessing! Thank You - It gave me a BIG Smile *Bigsmile*
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