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I am a masseuse, I have a gentle touch,
I relieve stress and pain, by giving comfort that means so much.
My office decor embodies the aura of the sea,
This promotes peacefulness and tranquility.
My clients come to me stressed out and in pain,
I grant them serenity, so they come back again and again.
Antonio Martinez was brought to me by his Dad,
Antonio was stressed out, pain filled and sad.
He was very tall, with a body made for sin,
I felt attraction's spark, the moment he walked in.
I directed him to the dressing room and told him to take off his clothes,
He emerged wearing nothing but a terry cloth robe.
I started playing a CD,
It was soft music with sounds of the sea.
I told him to remove his robe, and lie on the massage table, face down,
The thought of being nude before me, made him frown.
I handed him a fluffy towel, to cover his ass,
Then I turned my back, I am a Lady with class.
I applied warm lavender oil to his back,
My fingertips kneeded down his spine, making a track.
Beneath my gentle touches, I felt stress fade away,
Touching him made my nipples hard, they wanted to play.
He started to sigh and moan and I knew I did please,
His moans of pleasure was making me weak in the knees.
I told him to turn over so I could massage his chest,
His towel had tee-peed up with happiness.
As I applied the oil, our eyes met,
His dark eyes held a wicked gleem, I won't soon forget.
As my hands caressed his caramel skin,
My face blushed bright pink and he grinned.
Suddenly he grabbed my head, bringing me down for a kiss,
I should have pulled away, but I didn't want to resist.
When the kiss ended, " You have lips of fire", he said in a sexy Spanish accent,
I just sighed, his towel was now making a tent.
I finally managed to say," Mr. Martinez!, Shame on you!",
" I am your masseuse, behavior like this will never do!"
He smiled and said," You are suppose to be relieving my stress!",
" As you can see, I have a body part in distress!"
So I took things in hand and rubbed his discomfort away,
It soon was sated and peacefully it lay.
Mr. Martinez was so grateful that he gave me a generous tip,
He told his waiting Dad, my massage was a real trip.
Antonio winked at me and gave me a sexy grin,
He told me it was a pleasure and he would be coming again.
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