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Ever had a heart attack,Been overdosed?Just a story of when it happened to me.Or did it?
The Visit

The hospital room looked dreary when I was moved into it. Something about that hospital bed and old T.V. bolted to the wall just didn’t remind me of my bedroom or a decent motel room.

I had just come in from the Emergency Room. I had another heart attack. My second in as many years. The heart catheter showed damage to a graft, the heart doctors would look at the pictures and then decide if it would be a stent or major surgery. My wife wasn’t there, I had sent her home. Her overly tired body needed a rest.

We had turned in my medication list and had let them know that I had just taken my nightly pills in the ER, fat lot of good that did.
Within the hour the nurse in charge brought me all my meds, again.
She would not hear me when I told her I had already taken them earlier. She insisted that the doctors had ordered them and I was to take them, period.
So I took another 80 mgs.of Oxycontin and a Flexeril and just went into la la land.

When I next awoke I was in another place and another time. I was back in the Army and healthy and it sure wasn’t 1999. I didn’t have time to think about that, it looked like a hell of a battle had occured and we were just hanging by the edge of our teeth.
Suddenly a concussion grenade landed not far from us and boom I was out like a light.
When I awoke, I saw these strange uniforms and heads behind blackened helmets. There was what looked to be a medic walking around all of us and hitting us with some strange kind of needle. When it was my turn, I saw an ugly reptile type head in that helmet, I tried to run away but I couldn’t move.
Bam! That needle went in and all I could feel was a hot searing pain! Then I blacked out and when I awoke again I was fighting humanoids with a rage I had never felt as a human.
Somehow I had been twisted with their DNA and was now a soldier for them. No, I wasn’t tripping, I could hear all these voices and no one was talking to me. It seemed that when we got that shot it awoke an area of our brain allowing telepathy.
Lucky Me.

“Wake up, mister wake up,”“ he’s not responding hit him with some narcanon and find that Nurse.”
“Wake Up, Wake UP! He’s still here I just can’t get him out of it, Where is that idiot Nurse at?”
“This man’s screwed up and we don’t even know what the devil she gave him, where the devil is she?”

“It’s been two days now, we know what’s up and we just can’t get him back all the way. The, wait a minute, was that an eye flutter? Good lord man wake up.”
I’d been hearing this crap for days now so I decided to follow the voices and kill them all, reptile or human.

I awoke again to some strange person shaking me and asking me if I was alright. Of course I was, why were they all in my room? I was asked all the dumb questions like the date, the President and even my wifes name.
I was back!
That is when I was told the nurse had left her job when she found out what had happened and that I had been moved into a private room with my own nurse.
Then my wife told me the other news. I had another heart attack while I was blacked out and I would be going into surgery as soon as the heart doctor cleared me
.Lucky me.!

This all happened to me in 1999 as stated. We settled a lawsuit for 1.5 million and change. We also have a lifetime private room at that hospital along with free medical care for the family.

Now if I could only get these damn voices to shut up!
I have learned of some others who hear the same voices, we visit and talk about what happened and how the voices came to be.
We are also aware that we are the only ones who have been to this other time and place. So we keep our mouths shut and only use our “talents”to alert each other if something big is going to happen.

So far so good
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