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He slowly undresses me and I step into a scented bath,
We have candles and chilled wine, to make the joy last.
He joins me and I wrap my legs around his waist,
His gentle giant, just slips right into place.
I place some wine into my mouth and he sucks it from my lips,
While causing sweet sensations with probing fingertips.
Now is the time I drink from his lips,
He is like a restless tide, as in and out of me he slips.
My aqua blue eyes adore him, as his dark eyes smile,
His hands play with my erect nipples, watching my reaction all the while.
He pours wine on my breasts and then licks them clean,
Then he gives me a love nip or two, he is so very mean.
Encased in a scented cocoon, we are Adam and Eve,
Our bodies are united happily, they blend and cleave.
The warm water caresses our bodies, love sounds fill the room,
Deep within my garden his manflower is in full bloom.
As the waves of joy wash over us, we are at peace,
We sigh in unison, enjoying sweet release.
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