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A sample piece of my writing; my definition of beauty.
Beautiful. One word with so many meanings, as it is different for each beholder. To me beauty is this place, a place where the sky kisses the sea and the sea runs across the sand which with a sparkle and a glint gives way to the land which in turn rises as mountains and embraces the sky. Beauty is unexplained simplicity; it is natural. It is purity and void of sin, it is truth. It is not a manicured personality complete with a flashy smile and a mask of makeup. It is a reality, complete with life death and everything in between. Beauty is true freedom; the freedom to express, the freedom to choose and to grow old and die. But most of all, beauty should take your breath away and bring tears to your eyes; make you wonder but never question. It should be a mystery and never taken for granted but always be appreciated, because that is what makes beauty precious to us all .
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