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A plea for love at a second chance.
Me and you - we're two birds of a feather. Between us is a love that only we can treasure. So no matter the weather, loving you unconditionally is my greatest pleasure...to cater to you Always and Forever. Fulfilling your every want and need like your knight in shining armor. Baby I promise that my love won't harm ya - just one embrace will make all your cold nights warmer. I want to take my time with you baby - no rush for you have been, you are and you will always be the target of my secret crush. Remember when I would compliment you and it'd make you blush? I cannot help but look into your bedroom eyes. Many feelings about you I just cannot hide. You know your love is my snickers - I'm forever satisfied. Thinking about how good you are to me sometimes inside I cry. You got me on a whole another high and I'm not ready to come down. But since your love is the shizzle, you have the blessed assurance that I'm not going nowhere - I'll always be around. Baby the two of us need to paint the town. You know why because All We Need is Love. And see that's why I know we were placed on this earth to do great things. Sexy you are the reason why my heart sings, And for you I'll do most anything besides to me you're much more than just a summer fling. Mami - you are my everything. I'l bring the sunlight to rid your dark and cloudy days. Caress you softly with a sweet serenade. Kiss your tears away...stroke your stress away. Cause that hot love you got can't be repaid. God there's just so much I want to do - fly with you with wings like an eagle 'cause you're my equal. Do for you because it's my service. In you and being with you U have found much purpose. Or s it that our love just is poetic justice? Making love to you because I miss eating those sweets as we share our love between the sheets. Feels so good and tastes even better - allow me to shoot inside of you with my baretta. And like the energizer bunny not trying to be funny we keep going on and on and on from the night till the break of the early morn 'cause this here love is strong. Shall I go on I mean for real by now do you understand how I feel? I know you know the deal. You'll always give me that extra thrill. I'll even prove it by going down to kneel and propose and dedicate to you my very life. Make all the wrongs right and make you my wife. With you I would not mind going the extra mile - we'll be together a long while. Yes I will go that route because without a doubt your love knocks me the hell out. And when all is said and done you already know you're the one. Without the drama we do have something in common from above - All We Have is Love. There will never be an end to this love jones deep down from head to toe even in my bones. The truth about it is with you I am never a bore. I cannot compare your ove to the moth to a flame that's been burned by the fire - My love's not blind - I'm not losing my mind because you already see, know and feel my desire. That is for the two of us to become one. Our new lives have just begun - with new heights and goals which much be reached and can never be done. Our hearts continue to dance to the beat of a new drum. I'm just glad that you didn't take my heart and run. All that we have is what we've always had - a unique bond that's secure and an unconditional love that's pure. This I am completely sure that you'll always be my baby for your love and beauty has set me free. Only with you is where I need to be. You came with loving arms and rescued me. I shall never be in bondage ever again. You are my dearest and closest friend who promised to love me again and again. With us and what we got - there is no end in sight. Regardless of how much we may fuss and fight when we make it up with love it's all right. Together we make an awesome team. It's no wonder why for you I fein so much for your ever sweet kiss and your tender loving touch. No need to worry because I'm here for a reason through any season...to carry you through it all...to pick you up from a fall...to be near and come running when you call. Be your loyal servant and provide a love that's ever burning. For God has created a beautiful piece of art and you will always be my heart and for as long as we both shall live I declare openly that we will never part. Each morning I awaken with a new reason for living and my love to you I'll always be giving. To please you is what I'm daily willing. In the end doing all I can for you is fulfilling. And thus I shall never cease to discover inner peace to the depths of my soul. Your love has once made this broken man whole, and deep down inside this one thing I know so then let the record show that so much happens in that one moment in time. The secret to your buried treasure I shall find it to be all that I've ever needed and so much more. We'll have enough time together to share with each other what life has in store. Every waking moment spent with you is worth revisiting because you are never a bore. I want to embrace and feel the essence of your divine presence as you buckle up for an enjoyable ride. Just let your body be your guide as my nature rises deep within and since loving you is beautiful and you are full of beauty boo it cannot be a sin. I want to make you fee good all over and over and over again. So is there a meaning to the fallacy of this so - called reality? Maybe not but you're all I got. You know I got that look of lust in my eyes therefore I must hypnotize and leave you under my spell but don't worry - When you come out only you will be able to tell when I made and left you scorching hot from tearing up your pleasure spot. You know I'm in the zone baby - don't wanna stop...don't leave me alone Mami - I just might pop. All I want is you and what you have to give and I'll show you why you're the reason why I live. You are to me much more than I can ask and being faithful to you is my lifelong task. To be the kind of man you want in your life to make all the wrongs right and to make you feel like a queen. So if you need a shoulder to cry on...on mine you can lean. Nothing shall ever come in between what we have. And what we have no one can take away - I decare to you today because..... All We Have Is Love
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