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The Da Vinci code is fiction--the Genesis or Elijah code is not.
The Da Vinci code is fiction--the Genesis or Elijah code is not.

The astounding thing about the Genesis creation account is that it has both literal and figurative meanings. The figurative meaning presents God's plan or timeline for His great drama and we are near the final scene of the final act. I'll get to that.

My take on the literal meaning is that "In the beginning God created the heavens and the earth" signifies the big bang 13.7 billion years ago, according to astronomy, and the formation of the earth 4.5 billion years ago, according to radioactive dating. This is where, in my opinion, the evolutionists are right and the young earth creationists are wrong. The heavens and the earth are ancient.

But, in my opinion, the young earth creationists are right and the evolutionists are wrong about life. Life is young. This is where the seven "days" of creation come in, which begin in verse three of Genesis 1. There is strong evidence that these seven "days" in which human history began were in fact seven years, as the ancient Jewish Book of Jubilees asserts, and that "day" (year) one began in 3970 BC, according to biblical chronology. It is also very interesting to note that the Bible indicates the final scene of the final act in God's great drama at the other end of human history will be seven years in length. In fact, many parallels may be drawn between the first seven "days" (years) and what is predicted for the last seven years.

I don't have time to put forward all the evidence for young life, but it is very interesting to note that the oldest village settlements found in the world are about 6,000 years old in Abu Ghosh, just west of Jerusalem, and the oldest city in the world, Jericho, just east of Jerusalem, is from a similar time. As many Jews, I believe Eden was at the site of Jerusalem, around which the final scene will play out.

Old Egypt and Mesopotamian civilization appeared about 3500 BC, according to archaeology, and there is evidence of the disappearance of these civilizations about 2300 BC, both of these dates jiving well with biblical dates for the creation "week" and the global flood.

Further, it is simply bad science when evolutionists date fossils by dating the rock
around them. Just because the sediments that formed the rock may be millions of years old, doesn't mean the fossilized life form was. In fact, radiocarbon dating, which is appropriate for organic remains, has dated dinosaur bones in the thousands of years, not millions. But evolutionists throw this good science out. Even though soft tissue was recently found in a T. rex thigh bone, they are still closed-mindedly holding to it being 68 million years old! Evolution is the true conspiracy, not Christianity.

I should also add that I believe in the longevities of the biblical patriarchs. These were then mythologized to the thousands of years in the Near East king lists. Perhaps the cause of these long lives was that the earth was vertical on its axis, reducing harmful radiation, until the global flood. There are some strong arguments for this.

So, what is my take on the Genesis prologue, that merges the creation account with good science? Well, here it is.

Bang! "In the beginning God created the heavens and the earth (Genesis 1:1)." I have no doubt that stage one of God's creation began, as astronomy indicates, about fourteen billion years ago and that, as radiogeology indicates, the earth is about four billion years old. A description of the earth at the end of stage one appears in verse two of Genesis 1: "And the earth was waste and void; and darkness was upon the face of the deep: and the Spirit of God moved upon the face of the waters." I believe that this is a picture of the earth in a more distant orbit from the sun than at present, explaining the ice ages and precluding evolution. The earth was dark from complete cloud and fog cover (see Job 38:9) and it was completely covered by water and ice.

Verse three begins stage two of God's creation: seven figurative "days," which were in fact years. In year one (3970 B.C., inferred from biblical chronology), God began to move the earth and perhaps all the planets closer to the sun. The sun's increasing gravitational pull began to pull away some of the cloud and fog cover on the earth to make light and the day/night cycle visible. In year two, the exponentially increasing gravitational pull of the the sun extended the earth's atmosphere even further, pulling the clouds up into the sky. In year three, the increasing heat from the sun had evaporated enough of the water, covering the earth, to make dry land appear. At that point, God created plant life. In year four, enough of the cloud and fog cover had been diffused to make the sun, moon and stars visible. At the end of that year, the earth was in its present orbit (biblically inferred). In year five, God created air and water creatures and in year six, land creatures, including man. Finally, He ceased His creative work in the seventh year.

The second part of the Genesis "code" is the figurative meaning. The Jewish prophet Elijah may have been the first one to see this meaning, because it was taught by his school of prophets. Thus we may also call the Genesis "code" the Elijah "code." His school of prophets taught that the seven "days" of the creation were figurative for seven millennia: two of Tohu (Hebrew for void), two of Torah (the law of Moses),two of Messiah and a final one of rest. Psalm 90:4 was foundational in their interpretation: "For a thousand years in Your [God's] sight are but as yesterday when it is past ...." Amazingly, the Bible's chronology and story appear to be fulfilling this prophecy to a tee. According to biblical chronology, there were 2,000 years of history before the first 2,000 years of Israel, which have been followed by almost 2,000 years of Christianity. One might summarize the chronolgy as follows:

3970 BC-2970 BC: The "day" of Adam
Adam to Lamech
2970 BC-1970 BC: The "day" of Noah
Noah to Terah
1970 BC-970 BC: The "day" of Israel
Abram to David
970 BC-30 AD: The "day" of Jesus
Solomon to Jesus
30 AD-1030 AD: The "day" of the Holy Spirit
The apostles and early Church to the Cluniac reform
1030 AD-2030 AD: The "day" of the Lord
The Cluniac reform to the second coming
2030 AD-3030 AD: The "day" of Sabbath Rest
The second coming to the end of the first 1,000 years of the eternal state.

Further, the Genesis or Elijah prophecy is also supported by the figuration of the creation "week," which jives so strongly with history. Briefly, the people of God separated from the people of the serpent (Satan) are the light/day separated from the darkness/night of the first "day" (millennium); the people of God separated from the people of Satan by the flood are the separation of waters which occurred on the second "day" (millennium); Israel and Israelites, rising from the peoples, are the dry land and plant life, rising from the seas on the third "day" (millennium); Jesus and the Holy Spirit among the Jews are the greater light (sun) and lesser light (moon) among the stars which appeared at the end of the fourth "day" (millennium); Jews dispersed among the Gentiles are the sea monsters among the fish, as well as the birds with the fish of the fifth "day" (millennium); Jews back in Israel and married to their Messiah are the insects, cattle and beasts of the earth and the woman married to the man at the end of the sixth "day" (millennium); and Israel and Israelis completed and all of God's work consummated are the heavens and earth and all their hosts completed and God's resting on the seventh "day" (millennium).

This is the true code: the Genesis or Elijah code.

What's next on God's timeline? Well, that's where the Ezekiel "code" comes in. The prophet Ezekiel prophesied future boundaries for Israel that would include the East Bank and Syria, past Damascus, and perhaps southern Lebanon, including Tyre and Sidon. So look for an expansion of Israel next. Iran may be the catalyst.
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