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A list of articles I am submitting for all-rights publication. Most are quite short.
I am currently submitting various articles to two website for 'publication'. They will be a resource for eZines and newsletters to pick up, with my credentials. The hope is that I can successfully build up a resume with free magazines, without actually having to search for said magazines. Frankly, the idea of specifically submitting stories to one eZine after another, with all the research it entails, and receiving no payment, does not excite me. Hopefully, once I have build up a solid base, I will be more likely to hit the paying press. At the very least, a Google of my name should turn up quite a few things for perspective publishers.

The two sites I am submitting to are:

If you skim these sites, you will see that they are not necessarily filled with five-star material. However, I would like to put my best foot forward, as this is a resume-building exercise. Thus, I am first submitting articles for review on writing.com, so that I can turn in a polished piece.

Articles I have written thus far are located in the folder "Freelancing for Free. These articles, on varying topics, are:

 Dogs Versus Kids  (13+)
A lighthearted comparison of dogs and children
#1111735 by Scottiegazelle

 Treat Your Customers Like Family  (ASR)
Strengthening customer relationships will help the bottom line more than you think!
#1111315 by Scottiegazelle

 Constant Contact With Your Clients  (E)
How to prepare a business newsletter
#1111907 by Scottiegazelle

 Extra, Extra, Read All About It!  (E)
Newsletters help small businesses grow!
#1111930 by Scottiegazelle

 Bread Machine Pizza: A Win-Win Situation  (E)
Once I gave up on bread, my bread machine was useless. Or was it?
#1111938 by Scottiegazelle

 Kids Versus Dogs  (ASR)
The mother's response to my similarly-named article
#1112435 by Scottiegazelle

 Cats Versus Kids  (13+)
A lighthearted look at cats and children
#1112438 by Scottiegazelle

 Marriage Self-Help Books  (13+)
I read these books and nothing changes. And yet they still help me....
#1112733 by Scottiegazelle

 I Take Thee, Visa, to Be My Wife  (ASR)
Marriages started on a credit card pave the way to divorce
#1112887 by Scottiegazelle

 Libraries - Not Just Full of Books  (E)
How technologically advanced is YOUR library?
#1113284 by Scottiegazelle

 I Love My Tivo  (13+)
People claim Tivo increases television viewing. I say it improves it.
#1113722 by Scottiegazelle

 Toddlers Need a Fun Run, Too!  (E)
Looking for a way to up your quality time with your small children?
#1119027 by Scottiegazelle

The newest articles are at the bottom of the list.

These articles are also being submitted, but were pulled from my portfolio.
"My Beliefs
"What I Believe
"Some Assembly Required
"Confessions of a Couponaholic
"Branches On My Family Tree
"Families are Forever...Annoying
"Life Is Drama
"6/10 Newsletter - Secret of My Success
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