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The best of friends go their seperate ways - Written for Dialogue 500
Prompt: The prompt is of two people having to say goodbye to each other after years of being so close.
Entry for 05/29/06

"This is a surprise. You actually calling me out here at this time of the day. What's up?"

"Sorry...didn't mean to bother you in the middle of whatever you were doing."

"It's cool. What are best friends for, right? So what's this big news you've got to tell me?"

"Ah...right. The news. Do you remember me telling you my dream job when we were little?"

"Yeah, that you wanted to be a sportswriter?"

"Right. Well...guess what I got in the mail two days ago. Tadaa. My acceptance letter to study for four years at the Metropolitan School of Journalism."

"Wow! Are you serious?! That's great news, Brenda! Tony's gonna flip when he hears this!"

"...in London."

"...I can't wait to hear...what? What did you say?"

"I said in London, Steve. I'll be going to London in a week...and spending four years there."

"...London? London, England?"


"But...but...that's London! It's a gagillion miles away! What happened to journalism schools here in the States?!"

"I had to choose the best, Steve. Oh, God, please don't look at me like that. It's hard enough for me as it is...and I've been trying not to cry all evening..."

"Damn it, Brenda! Why didn't you tell me this sooner?! You'll be gone in just one week and then...and then..."

"Oh Steve..."

"...I'll never get to see you again..."

"Don't talk like that, please..."

"It's bad enough that I lost you to Tony and now this! Goddamn it!"

"Steve! You..."

"Yes. There. I've finally said it after all this time. Fat load of good it's done for me."

"I had no idea that you--"

"How could you? I didn't want to ruin your friendship with Tony. You were so into him and...but geez, London, Brenda. That's so far away."

"I'm so sorry, Steve. For...for everything. When I got the news I was so happy at first, and then I realized that I wouldn't get to see you in such a long time. I didn't know how to tell you..."

"Don't cry. Please don't cry. You're going to get me going soon. Does Tony know yet?"

"Yes...I told him yesterday and he was happy for me. Aren't you happy for me, Steve?"

"Of course I am. I'm thrilled to death that you're going to pursue your dream but...you'll be leaving me. I don't know how to take that, Bre. You know how I hate saying goodbyes."

"Which is why I wanted to do it here. Now. I know you won't want to come to the airport with me."

"Damn it...this sucks. This sucks so bad."

"Then say it quickly, Steve. Hold me and say it quickly so we part with no regrets."

"Promise you'll email me everyday."

"I promise."

"And call whenever you can."

"I promise, Steve."

"Then...then I guess this is really goodbye."


"I love you, Brenda, and just in case, you know, Tony's not here in four years..."

"I know, Steve. You'll always be here for me. No matter how long it takes."

Word Count: 500

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