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Just one of many things that I would like the chance to talk to everyone about.
Standing In Front Of the World

Everyone has something that weighs heavily on his or her mind from time to time.

With the way the world is changing that view can change from day to day. I almost think that some of the ways the changes are coming about are sad and not very advanced.

Growing up - I recall all the things that I delighted in. Sure, we were told about the starving kids in other countries and sometimes we were even told that it was happening in the big cities that seemed so far back then.

I used to wake up early back then, get dressed, and head outside. The only time I headed back into the house was when meals were called or the end of my allowable day. My parents never dreamed that the neighbor was some sick person that wanted to do unmentionable things to a child. If my parents were not around I could guarantee that if I did something wrong the neighbor would give me hell for it and then my parents when they found out.

I have two kids now. One is twenty years younger then I. Just before I had him, there was a case of a child, which went missing from their backyard. My poor children never got the joy of just taking off and going exploring. Every time they went outside, they were always accompanied. As they grew older, they were allowed to step outside as long as they were in eyeshot of me looking out the window. That grew to earshot. They have a bit more freedom now. Not that I like it.

My fears have come from the newscasts that were on TV and radio reports. However, my children have become victims of this. They are not the outside kiddies that we once were. They are perfectly content staying inside and playing on the computer and watching TV. I cannot blame them but rather my own generation, from the fears that I have come to know.

Do you not want your children and your children’s children growing up learning about the exciting world we have to offer them first hand? Bringing home bugs, climbing trees, a world of imagination, brought on by the freedom to explore on ones own. Not to be halted, by the fears that the world is not a safe place.

The world is a beautiful one. We have destroyed that with the amount of fears that we are instilling in our future generations. How can they look upon this world and think what we have is beautiful if they cannot see past their front door?
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