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A brief encounter in the more reckless amd bohemian days of my twenties.
Stumbling behind
my hand draped delicately within her crimson grasp
Black-shale wisps of mascara
drenching the toss of her velvet contour
with the flowery scents of opiates and echo of guitars

A conversation set in blaring flattery
quick-turns the shallow of my vows
into the darkness of this corner
the liquid gentility of her caress
and the stomach-quiver ecstacy of her tongue

All jubilation of the loff transports us
craven and determined
lips flickering the anticipation
of the stabbing sexual aggresion
of her brazen tempestuous embrace

Draped in her moisture
lost in her talent
Eyes intent on oneness
eternal soul-imprints
mingle, dance with our collective psyche

And she gathers the climb
bringing me up
hiking the cloth surrounding her
this goddess ehshrouded in my melodies
longing for my hands to create

In her the center which seduced her
brought her to knees
submission and form
drunk on her pleasure
immersed in her warmth

all she culminates within
and causes to erupt
rests within this cascading solemn completion

I will never know this joy again
nor the darklight mystery of her enchanting gaze


September 1998
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